Pain Warriors ~ the Movie – needs your financial support

I first made this post one week ago. I have been following and communicating with Tina since close to her beginning of her journey in making this documentary.  Since I made this post, a total of 21 – TWENTY ONE – more people have come forth with a donation – for a GRAND TOTAL OF SEVENTY NINE DONATIONS, but the fund is still only at 57% of goal and if  80% EIGHTY PERCENT of goal is NOT REACH IN THE NEXT WEEK… the fund raiser will close and ALL THE MONEY RAISED will be RETURNED TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED and basically the effort to fund Tina’s chronic pain documentary WILL POSSIBLY IMPLODE.  Possibly along with Tina’ s advocacy for the chronic pain community, because a very small fraction of 1% of the 10 million chronic painers who could afford to contribute $10 ONE TIME … DID NOT BOTHER !!! There is a saying in “medicine” passive pts can experience POOR OUTCOMES… The same could apply to those pts who fail to advocate for themselves…  expecting other to advocate for them… but sooner or later… those advocates will stop advocating on the behalf of others who fail to advocate for themselves and those suffering/dealing from chronic pain will find themselves ALL ALONE, ABANDONED and those who are against anyone being prescribed opiates  WILL WIN !!! Guess who the LOSERS WILL BE ?


They claim that 90% of those family with a chronically ill person are struggling financially.  Tina has been working on this film on chronic pain for nearly FIVE YEARS and financing to date has been by a “generous angel”. She started a fund raiser to raise the final $15,000 needed to complete the editing and final production.

She herself is a disabled chronic pain pt and the fund raiser is limited to 30 days – which HALF has already passed and has only 58 people who have donated money and has raised only 37% of her goal.

There is claimed to be 100 million chronic pain pts and that means that 10% – TEN MILLION – should be financially able to donate something. After the next 15 days and 80% of the goal is not reached the fund raising program will automatically close and all the money currently donated will be refunded back to those who donated  and put Tina’s FIVE YEARS of work  at risk of possibly going down the drain.

She needs 0.001% out of those TEN MILLION people/families to EACH DONATED at least $10 to meet her goal.

This chronic pain pt has DONATED FIVE YEARS of her life to create this movie to benefit the chronic pain community and ONLY FIFTY EIGHT people/families have stepped up to support her effort.

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  2. Jan and Steve, As one of the rest, my autistic daughter and I run out of food every month. The food pantries are a joke! It costs as much to get there as the amount of food they give. Every day that goes by is another day lost in pain and poverty.

  3. Steve, I know you weren’t directing this toward those of us living in poverty and I hope you didn’t think I implied that in my comment. I know if it wasn’t for your website I would know nothing about what is going on in regard to the war on pain patients.

    Thank God for your pharmacy knowledge! Red Lawhern emailed me back with the same problem, that he can’t post it to Facebook because of all the negative feedback from pain patients on SSI, etc. Shame on them!!! If they can’t contribute, then don’t, BUT DON’T SHAME OR MAKE NEGATIVE COMMENTS TO THOSE WHO ARE APPEALING TO THE OTHER 90%!!!! I DON’T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE LIKE THIS!


  4. Hello Steve. I am very anxious to support programs and especially media that can and will help move forward what now largely a silent voice, unheard by lawmakers and especially the public at large. However, it is very important that these efforts are vetted by appointed representatives of our Chronic Pain Community that would then endorse and recommend these projects as good investments by many people that may be surviving on less than $1000 per month. The fact that you are posting this call to action absolutely qualifies as a vetted project worth investment because of your incredible and public devotion to helping provide voice to our Chronic Pain Community that had been under attack with specific end goals by the oppoaition.
    I personally just had a very serious concern when I witnessed the portion with the martial artist promoting the fact that OUR bodies already have what they need to heal ourselves. To me, I found this to be a very troubling statement, that is largely already heavily promoted by authors of many articles AGAINST Opioid medication therapy for any of the hundreds of conditions that in fact to date, do not have realistic alternatives to opioid medication therapy for legitimate pain relief that can provide a reasonable quality of life that actually currently exist with opioid medication therapy.
    Seeing this piece in the trailer along with the associated dialog was very confusing and seemed to provide an argument against continued opioid medication therapy for Chronic Pain patients in serious need of continued opioid medication therapy. Can you ask the producer of this film to provide more content so items like this can be put in better context to help in deciding on whether to financially support this project?
    As always, thank you for your tireless dedication and support for the Intractable Chronic Pain Community!
    Steven Giese

    • Tina’s email address is at the end of the trailer… Tina is a chronic pain pt herself… living on disability income and she has committed 5 yrs of her life in putting this together. I just checked the website and there is only 9 days left and only 41% of the goal reached.. Since I originally posted the blog – 5 days.. there has been TEN DONATIONS.. My post was directed NOT at the 90% of chronic painers who are struggling financially, but the 10% who are NOT struggling financially. For anyone to come to a conclusion on what the final 60 -90 minute film is going to be from at 2.5 minute trailer.. is absurd… To date the average donation has been $90.50 and I reached out to the chronic pain community to make a ONE TIME DONATION of TEN DOLLARS and the number of total donors increase by TEN. We already know that pharmacy, the pharmas, doctors – as a whole – are walking away from supporting the chronic pain community… The CDC, FDA, CMS and other parts of the federal bureaucracy is restricting access to opiates… this fund raising project appears to be just one more signal to all those entities that the chronic pain community has no unity and has no interest in creating a unity… and will give them the idea that they can just “pick off” segment after segment of the chronic pain community without any resistance. Likewise, those who are currently advocating for the chronic pain community will come to the conclusion that they are advocating for a community that has little/no interest in being proactive themselves… and they will just walk away from advocating because of the lack of support from the chronic pain community.

  5. Steve, I entered a comment that wasn’t posted and I don’t know why. I thought it was a reasonable comment. I just pledged $50 to the movie which I can’t afford,bec because I live on $770/month.

    I am thrilled that she has made this movie and have been anxiously awaiting it’s release! All I was trying to do in my earlier comment was to help her with more contacts for getting donations. Like Richard Lawhern with whom I correspond. He has a huge audience on Facebook. I guess I will forward this to him and see if he will post it.

    If I can do this where are the rest of us?

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