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5 Questions for Florida Attorney General Candidate Ashley Moody

Former Judge Ashley Moody/courtesy photo

Attorney General Bondi has made opioids and human trafficking key issues of her office. From a legal stance, what is the biggest issue right now facing the state? I wish I could say that we’re at a point where the attorney general coming in will no longer have to focus on the opioid epidemic or will no longer have to focus on human trafficking. The sad reality is, despite the amazing accomplishments of Attorney General Pam Bondi, we’re still dealing with 15 deaths a day. My biggest fear is that we as a state get tired of talking about opioids — because it’s been such an issue for so long — and we lose energy and focus to attack it. And so, what I’d like to do when I come in is immediately put together a state force, a statewide task force, or use maybe our grand jury system to bring in experts to figure out where we need to go and direct our resources. A mistake we can make if we’re not careful is we pump a bunch of money towards a specific issue and we don’t do it in an effective way. So, I want to make sure we’re good stewards of the taxpayer money and we do invest resources, and I don’t just mean money, I also mean human resources, sheriffs’ investigations, prosecutors, that we’re doing it in a way that we’re going to reduce the numbers. I’m a numbers person. I was trained in accounting. At the end of four years, being attorney general, I want to make sure I have the numbers to show I’ve been working to address this.

The Plant City native is familiar with Bay County, her mother born and raised in Panama City. Moody is a former federal prosecutor and judge married to a DEA agent. She plans to fight opioid epidemic by continuing the conversation and focusing on synthetic drugs like fentanyl.

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5 Questions for GOP Attorney General Candidate Frank White

Rep. Frank White/photo by Meredith Geddings/Florida House of Representatives

What reforms or improvements do you see as needed within the Attorney General’s Office?

I think Attorney General Bondi has done a fantastic job. She has done a wonderful job. She’s saved lives, particularly in the opioid crisis. I think there are some areas where we disagree. One I’d point [to] would be the identity of Jane Doe in the NRA’s lawsuit against the state. It’s just a difference of opinion where I think Jane Doe’s identity should remain anonymous. I think it’s really a difference in terms of emphasis. One important part of it [the job] will be government accountability, making sure politicians are held accountable. That’s just one area where I particularly want to focus on immediately.

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  1. As a Florida resident,I would fight tooth and nail to be among the top 5 marksmen in the firing squad to kill her.I hope she reads this.God help you on judgement Day!!!!!Bondi B….!No clue to the agony you have generated.But God sees…..

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