I thought that cruel and unusual punishment was ILLEGAL ? Unless you are a CPP ?

just the other day a man whom was in so much pain had went to the Main St over path of the 15 fwy and tried to jump ..They got him down safely but this is what pain can do to a person .I myself feel like doing the same thing at times well not that but to end my life due to pain .. it’s so unbearable

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  1. IF doctor shopping or pill seekers were the issue, that has long passed with the advent of electronic records. By 2019, many states will no longer use written prescriptions. That will bring a new set of problems for patients. The pharmacy didn’t receive it, it’s after hours, the pharmacy has no stock. Who knows what else. Pain support groups turn out to be run by rehab centers. We will be building them so that no one is more than a one hours drive from one. More “for profit” prisons are to be erected. Doctors cannot live up to the oath they took. This is sheer insanity. This is worse than living in a third world country.

  2. Legal genocide. Politics and money from day one. Look at how this has miserably failed. In my state, there are no pain medicine doctors anymore. Not one. Yet last year, drug overdoses increased 400%. We have signed International treaties because this approach was once tried in Canada with the same results. Treaties were to assure that this would never happen again. We have been accused of violating treaties we signed by imposing torture on our citizens up to and including death, as in countries that do so and others take in as refugees, but the US has gotten around it because there are no Federal laws. All are state laws that actually are illegal, but good luck. It was treated as law when it was “guidelines for primary care physicians” by DEA agents, who’s job has never been to terrorize doctors and pharmacists, but rather the illegal drug trade. By government figures which we all know are grossly understated, and families that think their loved one who committed suicide due to unforeseen/undertreated pain will be labeled a drug addict, so don’t disclose why, there are 200 additional suicides per year since this began. The newest in my state is that ambulances will no longer use any pain medications. They will use “laughing gas” as dentists use. Unreal. Hospitals are running out of injectible meds and taking pills rationed for pharmacies,who are running out. As for us chronic pain patients on which everything else has failed, this is life and death. Literally. Opioids/opiates are tried and true for thousands of years. Pain patients including those on high doses for 20 plus years make up 0.2% of our “opiod epidemic” Odd that this does not occur in European countries that take no issue with 300 MG Morphine per day and have developed potent long acting slow release narcotics that do not slow down respiration. Over 2,000 people per year are now admitted to hospitals for acetomenicine related issues including liver failure. Why has this been allowed to happen? Why? Forget petitions. Been doing that for almost 7 years. Done. The public has been brainwashed. Politicians want votes. They do NOT care. They likely believe that doctors hand out pain pills like candy too. Our petitions end up in the nearest trash can. People protest and riot for every perceived injustice. We MUST take radical action or give this up. I’ve been fighting from bed for 6 & 1/2 years. Yes, the living in bed will kill me. I also highly object to the term “pill seeker” Of course I seek pills. I am in pain! Everyday it is some heart breaking story or suicide that the media buries.

  3. What I don’t understand, personally, is that if you’re not a chronic pain patient or an addict, you can keep your blinders on and you’re rights as a human being by doing so. If you admit that you’re an addict now, everyone extends you a hand to get the help you need and compassion follows, as well as humane treatment. However, if you are a chronic pain patient and NOT an addict, thereby refusing to identify as one, you’re treated as if you are not only THE problem, but you’re not afforded the same help or human rights as your counterparts. Because we have pain and because of the lies that have been spread about our medications and ourselves, we aren’t even given the same respect, dignity and rights as everyone else. That is absolutely disturbing. To me, it seems to point in an entirely different direction than the claims that are being made of saving us from ourselves and those evil medications, being nefariously peddled by those pill pushing doctors. And the masses see nothing wrong with this?? In my mind, given the current climate of healthcare when it comes to having pain, it reeks of fairytale.

    For example, my significant other has health issues that became apparent after the commencement of this lunacy. My husband goes to the doctor with these health issues. They started with an accident at work, which happened a couple of years back. The Workman’s Comp doctor denied any responsibility of the company, after claiming to see no injury due to the accident. As is notorious with certain Workman’s Comp claims. The injury did not become apparent until I was looking at my husband’s back one day, when he was having severe pain in the neck, upper back and shoulder area, which started after the accident. I noticed that one of his vertebrae is visually offset, as it appears to be twisted.

    Please note that there was no accident in between the one at work and this time period. He went to the doctor. The doctor gave him pain medication. 1 a day for a month. He didn’t want the pain medication as much as he wanted answers, but it did help him. His insurance requires that diagnostics like MRI and CT Scans, to be paid out of pocket, with reimbursement at the end of the year and we could not afford the 1800.00 they wanted at the time. After getting one more month of pain medication, the doc put him on 800mg ibuprofen and told him she couldn’t give him any more pain meds. Okay, fine. A few months down the road, we were finally able to afford the MRI. My husband went in to the doctor and asked if she could order the MRI, since we could now afford it. Also, I should note that although the doctor was understandably shocked when first seeing my husband’s back, she had an x-ray ordered for him and the radiologist’s report stated NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY, which was obviously incorrect. She reluctantly ordered the MRI, saying that the radiologist report stated that there was nothing to see there and a few days later, the office called and told my husband that the insurance would not allow the MRI. My husband said he was going to pay out of pocket anyway, but they still denied him the MRI. What this sounded like to me, was a way to effectively deny that my husband has legitimate pain issues, therefore being able to deny any treatment.

    Fast forward a couple of months. My husband began having heart related issues and throwing up, he is losing weight, etc. He went in to the doc to have blood work done, only to find out he has high liver enzymes. Immediately, a hepatitis screen was done. When it was found that hepatitis was not the cause, the testing stopped right there. He called the office to see what the doctor wanted to do about the ibuprofen, so he could avoid more damage to his liver. She told him to keep taking it and that is literally all he has for pain, so he doesn’t really have a choice BUT to keep taking it.

    He is in severe pain on a daily basis now and has become afraid that he is going to lose the use of his dominant arm, preventing him from working. He is our family’s sole source of income, because I am also disabled and only qualify for SSI so amongst the obvious concerns for my husband’s health, we now have to worry about HIM becoming disabled because no one will do anything for him. He wants to switch doctors but is afraid he will be labeled a “pill seeker”, a valid concern in this era. Partly because he went to urgent Care on an unrelated issue and asked the doc to look at his back because he asked my husband if he had any other concerns and my husband thought a fresh pair of eyes might be a good idea. He spent an HOUR trying to get the doc to understand that he was not looking for pain pills after he mentioned his back. Once he got the doc to understand that and he actually took a look, he was amazed by what he saw and told my husband he should see a neurologist as soon as possible because he was worried about the placement and location of the twisted vertebrae. He told my husband that, if it slipped from where it was at, it could potentially paralyze or outright kill him, so it was imperative for him to see a neurologist because he might need back surgery.

    I know a little about the spine, due to my own issues, and I was afraid of this very thing. It also made me recall my husbands heart related issues because I know that if there is anything (vetebrae, disc) impinging on the spine in that area, it could be causing some of the issues that he is having. You can’t tell me his doctor doesn’t know that. You also can’t tell me that just because the radiologist didn’t see “anything” that it isn’t very evident that there is something very wrong with his back.

    So in essence, it is my opinion that because my husband has PAIN issues, his life is being gambled. Either the quality of or the life itself. It was swept under the proverbial rug. This is what I mean when I say that pain patients are given no respect, dignity or humane treatment. I’ve already related my own story of being unofficially diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and diagnosed on paper with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, 2 conditions that it’s been known for years that I have, but the rheumatologist did not want to diagnose the CRPS because in his own words, he doesn’t treat it.

    So how many people are going to lose their lives based on straight up negligence before this is all over with, and all because of the myths being purported by those in charge about CPP’s and pain medications? The fear-mongering is literally killing people. If not CPP’s committing suicide, looking to the streets for any shred of relief they can get or having health issues directly related to not having the ability to move about and exercise which may cause serious or even deadly health events, it’s denial of care because licenses have trumped life. To put it bluntly, no one wants to touch you with a 10ft. pole, if you have pain. What are the non-cpp’s and even addicts going to do when they find that little tidbit out, if they ever have to suffer like this of us that already do?

    • chronically pained; I am so sorry for what you & your husband are going through. I’d wager that “civilians” (non-pain people) would probably have trouble believing it…I have no problem whatsoever, because I’ve experienced similar medical insanity, abandonment, denial of care, & abuse.

      I’ve just gotten to the point where I simply hope that every person who caused this manufactured “crisis,” who wrote the script for the incredibly distorted & lying narrative, and everyone who bought into it, all end up with severe, agonizing pain –and cannot get treatment. I used to be a decent person who didn’t wish horrible things on others, but decades of abuse & being treated worse than a criminal simply because I want to not live in constant agony have turned me to this. I watched my mother die in unspeakable agony over a couple of weeks because some jackass morons in her state wanted to get high & abused pain medicine. Dying of leukemia –& there was NO question that she was dying– was not a good enough reason for the doctor to give her any pain medicine…I guess they thought she’d become an addict in her last week or two, somehow miraculously become able to go out on the street (she couldn’t even sit up) and rob banks or something. I don’t know; it was so far from making sense that it was beyond insane.

      They are forcing us to live and die in agony, and verbally & emotionally abusing us in the process. Viciousness toward chronic pain sufferers is now the “right” thing to do. Doctors are lauded for chewing out people who go to the hospital, for refusing to provide them even with treatment that has nothing to do with pain medication, like when you were trying to get your husband’s back looked at or scanned. I once went to the ER trying to get IV fluids for severe dehydration after vomiting for 5 days from a savage migraine. I received lots of abuse, scorn, and anger, but no fluids. I sincerely pray I never have any medical emergency, because I won’t go to an ER for anything. They’ve become sanctioned –nay, encouraged!– torture chambers.

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