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  1. AMEN. NAZI AMERICA> Inhumane treatment of legit patients.

  2. Where can I join this lawsuit ive been treated horribly by so many doctors, never weaned down. Made to go through massive undue suffering ect…

  3. Get that idiot Jeff Sessions – faithless perjurer before the Senate that he is – the hell out of my medical business. Jeff Sessions should be immediately arrested and charged with the crime of practicing medicine without a license in each of the 50 states, and then he should serve prison sentences for the above-mentioned crime in each of the 50 separate states.
    Likewise the DEA needs to get the hell out of medicine, DEA bureaucrats and agents are not licensed doctors, and have zero business interfering in the medical care of individuals.

    • You really hit the nail on the head. The ones changing things, controlling the doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals, know nothing about the medical field, and what chronic pain is about. All the media focusses on are addicts who have no pain. They don’t educate anyone, that there’s patients who are suffering terribly, from many different diseases, or injuries. Who have no quality of life, and need pain medication short or long term just to manage.

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