Our family doctor sent a letter stating that she will no longer prescribe any of the pain meds

Well I sure shouldn’t have worried about what the insurance would or

wouldn’t pay for regarding my ultracet. Our family doctor sent a letter

stating that she will no longer prescribe any of the pain meds,

including oxycontin, vicodin or tramadol for chronic pain patients

starting Jan 1. Everyone will be sent a tapering schedule of their

present meds. No one else will take any of us in this area. My husband

has a pain doc in FL, and I will attempt to become a patient there as

well. We are just going to leave WV (doctor in OH) and move to FL. Our

doctor did not offer any alternatives or any suggestions as to where

patients might go. She feels that she is contributing to this “epidemic”

by continuing to prescribe. How can a doctor just abandon patients like

this? We have been patients in that practice for over 35 years, but our

regular doctor went on medical leave last April and is not coming back.

When will this ever stop in this country? We were both perfect patients

and even had reduced our own doses of medication and had stopped taking

the 1 benzo/day that we took at night. What is this country coming to?

We hear about overdoses of heroin every day on our scanner; they are all

young men.

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  1. It’s not about you or your pain. It’s about big business . It’s all about the poppy fields in Afghanistan.

  2. like I said before-they are planting thorn seeds and expecting fruit.they[the evil Babylon DEA]will harvest thorns so thick and wicked,that THEY will be strangled by them.how will they feel writhing in pain from cancer and expect to be an ‘exception’to the very rules they themselves planted?you better wise up,powers that be!!what goes around ALWAYS comes back around.That is as guaranteed as taxes and death.

    • Andrew;
      I’m enough of a cynic to believe that “they” will not have to spend a moment writhing in untreated pain, because they deserve & will get exceptions to pain med bans because (1) they’re too important to suffer, (2) THEIR pain is real, unlike those other whining lying useless parasites, & (3) they just basically deserve top-notch treatment in every way simply because they deserve it, because they are the rich & powerful who are just clearly better than ‘those at the bottom.’

      I wish I could believe your statement that going around/coming around, at least that it would happen in their/our lifetimes. I admire you for your faith, and wish I could internalize some of it.

      Best to you, & hoping you’re having a good day.

  3. Good for her. Until the government gets the word from pain patients and doctors that drugs are NOT the cause of addiction and illegally attacking doctors for money has to stop, every doctor in the country should stop prescribing controlled drugs. If anyone reading this is interested in joining the fight and helping support getting the word to the powers-that-be, go to http://www.doctorsofcourage.org and become a supporting member. Then vote your current Congress out in November. Show them that the pain community is a viable voting block.

    • cheek;
      Wait, what?!? You’ want all docs to STOP prescribing pain meds in order to prove that pain meds aren’t the problem? You want to show something about the pain community by advocating complete elimination of the most effective treatment for most of them?

      I don’t know a polite way of saying this, but you are either completely deranged or a member of the PROPaganda team going for a new slant. I would guess that the only people you’ll get to join your “fight” are those who are already at the forefront of the opioid hysteria.

      • Hoping to increase your “subscribers” by posting inflammatory remarks? Shameful.

        • Andrea… Your accusation of me seeking to increase my subscribers (why the quotation marks?) is absolutely hilarious. I have a whopping 8 (actual) subscribers who’ve mobbed to my 14 posts since 2012. You could not be more ludicrously off the mark on that one.

          If you’re talking about pharmaciststeve (whose blog this is), he had nothing to do with my comment. He may not be thrilled with the tone of it; he prefers a higher level discourse which I try to live up to; I was utterly astonished & riled, & let rip more than I generally do –(my sincere apologies, pharmasteve).

          What I find profoundly inflammatory is someone posing as a pain patient advocate (“cheek50”) who insists that the best way to help pain patients is for every doctor in the country to stop prescribing the medications that pain patients take (legally!) to achieve some quality of life & functionality. This is orders of magnitude beyond cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, with the slight difference that cheek wants doctors to do the nose-hacking to spite pain patients’ faces.

          It’s approximately on par with insisting that all hospitals, clinics, & doc offices must immediately close because over 251,000 people died last year from medical mistakes (which is, btw, at least FIVE TIMES more than died of opioid ODs in the same period). Or, since pain patients are abused, scorned, treated like subhuman criminals, & denied the most innocuous treatment (i.e. saline for life-threatening dehydration), we should encourage pain patients to form mobs & run amok through ERs….another nonsensical & downright counterproductive diea.

          cheek50’s proposed campaign would cause the anti-opioid hysterics & PROPaganda zealots to fall on their knees & sing hosannas because it’d perfectly accomplish their goals –further punish pain patients & sentence them to untreated Hell (with the added bonus of getting them out of society in ever-increasing numbers of their suicides). cheek would have monuments erected in his image by those who want to shatter the lives of pain patients & send them to living Hell.

          Demanding that all pain patients be thrown immediately into untreated Hell, in order to call attention to the hell of untreated pain is, to put it mildly, wildly illogical & counterproductive. Or to use a much classier description from the excellent historian & author Charles C Mann, it’s an example of “profoundly fractured cerebration.”

    • My dear, that C-section or hip replacement or e d stage cancer or CKD-what do they do during your insane moratorium?
      Jeez think before you speak.

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