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But I’m about to do a live feed  ( ) I need all chronic pain patients to make these signs and post them in fact maybe even put it as their profile picture so we let the legislators know that we’re damn voters and we count



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  1. I don’t believe that our votes matter, as the Government, Congress, and many representatives are just the puppets for the private Stakeholders who tell them what to do. Also, the “TECHNOLOGY” being Targeted At us has been perfected to DO Things beyond our comprehension. War Technology Fed by years of Taxpayer dollars both Unaccounable and w/o public knowledge now in place for the War On US. The Constitution has been ignored, as well as Years Of hard-fought for Human and Civil Rights, to the degree that the past 3 Administrations have broken them-Many times in the first 6mos in office. Why isn’t ANYONE talking about Horizon 2020 ? How can America Be American if it’s part of the EU ? Monopolies ? If Every American including the Government were subjected to these “Opiate” limits, Rules, Restrictions, including the benzos, ADHD and Sleep Medications fraud, we wouldn’t be in this situation At All. Am I the only one who seems to see the signs which say that America is a museum ? British colonies, indentured servants, PRIVATE- PUBLIC ? Totalitarian, Oligarchy, Peaceful Protests ? “Smart” Meters illegally installed on home owners property with out recourse, isn’t that trespassing ? Did Anyone on this forum VOTE to be Legally Tortured. How did the former administration make Medicare so toxic that most don’t take it, and make medications for chronic illness (only the ones which worked) so NON STANDARDIZED as to not only be unrecognizable, but ineffective and creating new disease states. Why and how does a Government get away with secretly telling the nonprofit organizations that WERE there to help Not To ? Those of us who have chronic illness are supposed to become more RESILIENT ? W/o both appropriate pain and brain medications. WE ARE TARGETED, BY OUR Government,. Who cares about a vote when the best candidate will never be ALLOWED to be known

  2. i am no good on Fbook[navigating confusion]but I am a CPP and ANYONE that i able,use my name,gmail to speak out on the govt.malpractice.Tired of dreading dealing w/pharmacies and the magnifying glass,etc.Shit.Please,God,Help us!!

  3. The only way we will ever be heard or count for anything is at the ballot box. I was told by my PMD that there are 3000 people in the center of the state where I live believe me if we stick together we will be heard loud and clear.

  4. I’ll Facebook friends request you now Maggi Martin is my Facebook

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