Good example of how out of touch some Senators are ?

@CVS Health/Caremark/Silver Scripts screwing pts on Medicare Part D ?

I called Senator Donnelly’s DC office about the issue that I had made in the above blog post earlier in the week… and you can read the letter that I got back from his office.  Being overcharged by CVS Health/Caremark/Silver Scripts has NOTHING to do with the donut hole with Medicare Part D.

The fact that over a ONE YEAR period… Silver Scripts was going to OVER CHARGE us enough on ONE PRESCRIPTIONS that would pay for ONE YEAR’S cost of property tax and insurance on our home. – NO SMALL SUM…

Early this week both Sen Warren (Mass) and Smith (Minn) has a press release about PBM’s and their role of high prices.. I attempted to contact their DC offices as well… but.. since I am not one of their constituents… not interested… I guess only FACTS from their constituents or those lobbyists with contribution to their re-election campaign are worth talking to.

You can read Sen Donnelly’s letter… Sen Donnelly is up for reelection in Indiana this Nov.. a Democrat in a normally very politically RED STATE…

I fully realize that Sen Donnelly didn’t himself generate this email, but if this is representative of the quality and training of his staff… IMO.. he has a problem…

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  2. Thus time of year. They often have kids,working that do not have the knowledge and experience.

    If it were me. I would call the Senators Office and let them know I would not be voting for the Senator next election. I would also tell my friends and family how out of touch his staff is. And how uninterested the Senator is in the problems of those he represents. It won’t make any difference. But, you might feel some better.

    You can also contact your Congressman.

    • I have contact Sen Todd Young’s office and Rep Hollingsworth office as well as the four TV stations in Louisville, KY… Donnelly is the first response, but my “little blog” gets a fair amount of readership in Indiana… I have just begun ….:-)

  3. only real quibble: “…only FACTS from their constituents …” I doubt he cares about facts from anybody, constituents or not.

    otherwise, I’m not surprised the answer had nothing to do with what you wrote; I rarely get a response from a pol that has anything to do with why I contacted them. (tho admittedly, I rarely get any response)

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