Sounds like a medical-deity complex ?

he is being forced by Kaiser off his meds. (Which we have heard the same from others.. it’s totally happening there and at MAYO etc… super anti pain med mentality no exceptions. Then if you refuse they have a long reach to your regular Dr’s/ PM’s and you lose either way). But he works for the airlines…. making twelve grand a month at 52yo… since one of the reasons we can’t get a lawsuit together is our low net worth … this guy may be our ticket even at 52yo, especially if you guys know of other high earning, younger pain patients … maybe we could get a good law firm to take their case

 And you will love this, his PM at Kaiser says she is one of the original writers or at least worked on the CDC Guidelines …. Wow! And is threatening to pull his drivers license too, ya know to save him & us all from his addictive meds. Crazy!

I had this article that I authored recently published on National Pain Report website.

Do we need to educate the professionals?

While I am not an attorney, this person seems like the IDEAL CANDIDATE to teach some of these large corporate healthcare providers – or deniers – a major lesson…that corporations attempting to practice medicine is not within their corporate mandate  nor do they have a the legal right to dictate how their employed prescribers practice medicine.

Attorneys generally look for two things FINANCIAL DAMAGES to a person and DEEP POCKETS  and apparently this prescriber has taken it upon herself to cause severe financial damage to this chronic pain pt that has a job paying $12,000/month and she is going to take away both this 52 y/o’s pain medication and his driver’s license.    Just do the math… $150,000/yr and he has at least another 13 yrs to work…  that is only abt TWO MILLION in lost wages not to mention other benefits that come along with that well paying job…

My money is on that this is not the only pt that this prescriber is doing this to… so how many pts protected under the Americans with Disability Act & Civil Rights Act is being discriminated against by this one prescriber and what if this is a edict from Kaiser to all of their prescribers treating chronic pain pts ?…  It is reported that Kasier has a annual operating budget of FIFTY BILLION !!! Can you say DEEP POCKETS ?

All it will take one Kaiser pt like this one and one of their employed prescribers that has just retired and/or ready to retire… and it will be just a matter of how many ZEROS will be on the settlement check from Kaiser.

And Kaiser is just one of untold number of corporate healthcare providers who are dictating how their employed prescribers are treating or not treating their pts.   All it will take is one law firm to latch on to this “GOLDEN GOOSE” and the rest of the law profession will start circling like vultures.

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