Human Rights are just for other countries… we play by our own rules ?

The USA has been discriminating against numerous protected groups in our country for years… just chronic painers and addicts count in the hundreds of millions … and now they want to make it official that they apparently wish to continue violating the human rights of our citizens going forward

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  1. Our government doesn’t give a rats ASS about People !!?? Even our Own People? WTH!
    They just plan to TORTURE Us
    This is what this about?. I believe so ..

  2. Knew it,,,they do not want abide by the laws set by the U.N and 167 other countries!!!!,,,or human right watch,,They do not want there ”lawful sanctions,” to stop as a justification to torture us,,,,I wonder what HRW,,,is gonna do,,,,,?????maryw

  3. Not exactly a big surprise, here.

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