half of all states experiencing a 30 percent rise in suicides

Like you, we woke up to the news that celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain had taken his own life. Days earlier, we’d awoken to similar headlines about fashion designer Kate Spade.

Someone not surprised by the news? The Centers for Disease Control. On Thursday, the CDC released a study that found suicide rates have increased in nearly every state since 1999, with half of all states experiencing a 30 percent rise in suicides.

More troubling, only about half of the people who died by suicide had a known mental health condition.

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  1. what you wanna bet trenchcoated sunglass wearing persons will start in spraying automatic rifles in drug stores instead of middle schools out of sheer frustration?at least the public will know why this time!God,what an awful thought-For every 9 d—head persons working in a pharmacy,there is at least ONE n there who honestly empathises with those in chronic pain disagrees with the moronic policies,wants to help but cant.They need their job and their hands are tied!believe it!My heart goes out to those caught in the middle….

  2. God open the eyes of those with the power to change this genocide against the hurting and disabled among us

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