Want To Talk With the Media About Chronic Pain?


“Why won’t the media listen to us?”

It has been a common question of frustration that hundreds and hundreds of chronic pain patients have commented on the National Pain Report stories we’ve done on the opioid issue in last several years.

Politico has been covering the issue and wants to hear more information from patients and providers. Their story, 5 unintended consequences of addressing the opioid crisis talked about both sides of the story—which pain patient advocates say has been rare in the coverage of the opioid issue.

They are interested in speaking with patients and providers about their experience. I filled out the form recently–identified myself as the editor of the National Pain Report and received a response email asking that we tell you about the opportunity to comment.

Their director of engagement, Annie Yu, sent me an email with the request.

“Our stories are read by some of the top health care policymakers in the country, and we want to make sure that we’re listening to many perspectives as we can and letting that shape and inform our reporting,” she wrote.

Here’s the form.

It asks for the input of patients and providers.

The frustration–and the increasing isolation-that permeate the chronic pain population are well documented in our readers’ reaction to our stories. This is a chance for you to talk with the media.

And it gives the health care providers–many of whom have expressed to us and others their frustration with the opioid crackdown which didn’t provide any alternative to the restrictions–a chance to tell their story about the treatment challenges this presents.

If you have time after you’ve given Politico your views and opinion, please share in our comment section the gist of what you shared.

This is also a good time to remind you of the survey that we are promoting in advance of the FDA meeting in July. The FDA is challenged with determining how to balance the need to ensure continued access to persons who rely on opioids for continuous pain relief while addressing the ongoing concerns about safe use, abuse and misuse.  You are asked to comment before June 17.

Here’s the survey.

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  1. I was shocked to see Mr Coghen,[sp’} name in my email box,,,it was this survey,,boy did I mention Andrews name a few times as the match that started this forest fire,,maryw

  2. I don’t know who set this up, Terri Lewis or survey. monkey, but it shouldn’t be titled “Want To Talk to the Media?”!

    When you go to the survey (not the form), it says it has to be enabled by javascript. But if you type in the link like I did you get nothing! Then I went to a post that said “Java does not exist for the Android OS.” So it’s a real dud IMHO.

    Good luck!

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