A new blog for chronic pain patients by one of Dr. Tennant’s patients

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Denise R. Molohon

ASAP – Arachnoiditis Society for Awareness & Prevention

ATIP – Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain

FIPR – Families for Intractable Pain Relief


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Dr.T wanted to make sure everyone knows about this new blog by one of his PTS…can you share ?
Thanks Ingrid


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This is a lovely person.  I would like for you to cross-link with anyone.


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Forest Tennant

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I launched my blog, finally and have dedicated it to Dr. Tennant.  I am trying to add a section for pain patients their families and caregivers can share their own experiences and information that has been helpful to them. I will be adding videos on YouTube and on the blog under the same name. The blog is for people with chronic health issues/diseases and/or chronic and Intractable pain disease.


As you know all too well, things are at an all time low for us. The myths of the opioid epidemic are adversely affecting so many legitimate patients who are not abusing or misusing their prescriptions. Our lives hang in the balance… our lives literally depend on education and getting the media to change the way they address this crisis to affect constructive policy changes for compassionate care and access to pain medications. People are suffering and are loosing access at alarming rates. I hope to help affect positive changes by starting a conversation about it, sharing information while also creating a place for a supportive community to form.


Thank you Kristen and Hollis for working tirelessly for advocating for our rights. What you’re doing matters!


I was hoping that you could share the link to my blog with your list of Dr. Tennant’s patients and whoever else you think would be interested in it.


Here is the link



Thank you!

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