Controlled Substance Quotas.. comment period thru May 4th

Controlled Substances Quotas- We only have until May 4th to comment on this. Please share with all CPP’s you know. They just posted it this morning, so we don’t have much time.



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  1. As the caregiver for more then 12 years to my wife of 30 years, we have seen the care of chronic pain management system fall to an all time low in quality care and availability of quality of life care…
    So who will stand with the long term Chronic Pain Patient and the long term (sometimes life long) use of legally prescribed opioids to maintain a reasonable quality of life, and patient functionality…
    The fact that the newly written 2016 CDC’s recommendations are now being used to limit a doctors care for the patient is based from cherry picked statistical data not using legitimate facts…The CDC never conducted any tests of their own and in short, didn’t have any Specialists with a focus in Long Term Complex Chronic Pain Treatment /fields conducting the formulation of these ‘suggested’ guidelines. Not facts. Not laws.

    However, studies also show that nearly the SAME AMOUNT of people die EACH YEAR in THIS country by over the counter pain treatment use as they do of “opiates by mouth”…..(Which is proven by long established records to be a very low number of most deaths by opiates.
    What the CDC leaves out is the knowledge that small percentage (ratio is 97% non-addicted opioid Safe patients vs 3% otherwise obtained/ used off label OD’s / urgencies) isn’t from Patients legally taking legitimately written opiates written by Physicians who treat pain….

    Instead, it’s by illegally gotten oral meds , often from theft, using someone else’s meds not prescribed for them and/ or not under a doctor’s care , plus fake meds, and opiates smuggled into our country by mail order overseas and traffickers dumping knockoffs of inconsistent ingredients from over the Mexican Border.

    Board Certified Physicians writing scripts to their patients is NOT what’s killing their patients nor flooding the streets , as all meds of many kinds are becoming aggrevatingly difficult to get filled by pharmacies. The media and the War on Drugs is focusing only on one side of the Opioid Matter . If WV in concert with the DEA and FBI took the war on drugs to task by stopping the heroin , meth, Counterfeit street drugs ,fentanyl and Carfentanyl from entering our borders…Statistically , over 97% of all drug OD deaths would come to a halt in our State and Nation.

    What is your stand ? Will you separate the Regulations and stigmas places on Chronic long term or lifelong pain treatment and Opioid use compared to short term acute pain opioid use? And if so, do you have a sincere plan to separate legitimate pain patients plus doctors who can serve them vs. Addicts and Drug distributors/ pushers?

  2. Update.. within days of the DEA putting synthetic marijuana schedule #2 refusing to work with the natural plant with 0 deaths, in Illinois 4 people have already died from the synthetic marijuana, hundreds sick mainly from internal bleeding!!!! My point, they aren’t qualified to make a medical decision much less be over the scheduling of anything! They created the heroin epidemic killing record numbers, now this! When and who are going to stop the DEA and hold them accountable?

  3. Addiction is a disease, a disease that needs to be managed, hopefully cured without caausing pain management patientys, patients with a true health condition, physiological condition that needs to be treated, managed with a one on one doctor or specialist. Treated if opioid medication is necessary and some 10 million patients have NO other choice with a tailored medication in an effective tailored dosage with documentation and records kept. OH…….that is what our doctors have been doing…..yet the drug overdose rate still rises. The family unit, even though maybe a tight unit may not be able to stop… addiction such as alcohol, drugs, or a deadly combination of both and more. Patients with legitimate pain management issues have been thrown under the bus, and then backed over again to “free” them with the rediculous CDC “guideline” for opioid prescribing doctors who have been doing an EXCELLENT, diligent, professional job of helping those of us that did NOT ask for pain generating disease or incurable, permanent injury causing more pain than is humanly tolerable. The entire conversation about adequate pain management with patients that have no further options to successfully, responsibly manage lifetime pain IS a joke. Look where the $$$$$ are going and dig a little and you will find why patients have been abandoned. Authoritarian culture is where we are headed as a nation even though President Trunp PROMISED to remove “government” from controlling our lives. The USA have the best, most diligent, best educated doctors in the world. The CDC guideline for opioid prescribing, the uniform “this is all you get” policy is asinine in concept. It is nothing short of patient mis treatment bordering on patient abandonement based upon the real threat of license loss of physicians for simply helping the patient manage real pain issues from injury and sickness. What is wrong with the “executive” role in the department of DEA? HHS and CDC “could” solve the problem of patient worsened pain affliction VERY quickly. The issue of true drug/alcohol addition may not be so easy to achieve as alcohol addiction and death have been in the USA and addiction, self abuse, and death from overdose is NOT very likely to even be slowed with the currebt CDC “guideline” for opioid prescribing doctors even with pharmacy involvement, scrubbers, and e-scribe. It is “legal” to buy as much alcohol you wish as long as you kill yourself slowly by poisoning your body and do it your own home without harming anyone else. Dot/gov really don’t give a damn if all people kill themselves as long as we do it within the “guidelines” set forth by dot/gov.

  4. DEA is the only thing that needs to be a schedule 1 and done away with!! The more the DEA tries to do the more sick I get! Let me ask, who there at the DEA are the substance abuse graduates? Who is an addict in recovery? In addition who is the doctor with a degree in Anesthesiology? I ask due to there never being any logic to the madness! Hugest example, they keep marijuana at #1 why they get the least medical testing! Okay but we have meth and cocaine at #2 scheduling neither being used medically today that I know of! Marijuana never killing 1 human but we all know synthetic marijuana is not the same and had no testing but caused much trauma especially w/teens and they schedule it at #2??!! & begin immediate testing! What? Cigarettes legal, alcohol legal..the most 2 addictive chemicals! The DEA don’t care but the care so much about opiates now, why to make bigger money on suboxone a beautiful med for withdrawal being given for pain! They keep trying to stop marijuana, I won’t even go there, they know why! Bottom line since 1972 the DEA failed, the War on Drugs failed, their War on Opiates failed and created a heroin epidemic! They don’t even look at Portuguese and their success, wander why? Oh and the pricing of pills on the street..if they took economics, supply and demand causes that but if what they have done worked we wouldn’t have them on the streets right now especially since I can’t get a opiate with stage 4 cancer due to the “DEA” this or “DEA” that! Truth is in real pain like me it comes down to the streets!! The DEA should mean D “does” N “not” E “exist” any longer!!! Pain medication does not cause heroin addiction never did, it was the DEA’s irrational approach…watch when suboxone a beautiful med to detox being misprescribed and abused for pain becomes generic, the DEA will have a problem with that too!!! They don’t care about people, pain, addicts, deaths! The change that needs to come is to end the DEA and police coming between patients and doctors!!! Jan 28, 2014 – The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is not trying to limit or ration access to opioid painkillers, according to a DEA spokesman who says “nothing should stand in the way” of a patient getting a legitimate prescription for pain medication filled. “We’re not doctors. We’re regulators and enforcers of the law. Really??? They are good liars then too, but most see this, stop them before they continue to drive the heroin laced fentanyl epidemic!!!

  5. The DEA has gone “rogue” and are actually working and enforcing outside of their profession. Each state has a pharmacy board that monitors compounding, API manufacturing and the FDA checks for 21CFR compliance.
    IMO this is a waste of tax dollars that in effect is hurting people and families physically and mentally.
    I saw this same problem coming in pharmaceutical industry several years ago where people are promoted to positions where they have no expertise. Oh, we will train them with 1 hour webinars and document the training.
    I am disabled now but I have people asking me technical questions that they do not or cannot teach in universities. You only get this knowledge from years of experience dealing with plant materials and GC/MS analysis. Research Gate is full of PhD level scientists, chemists etc. wanting to know how to do things.
    Don’t get me wrong but if there is not an app for it, millennials are lost.
    They simply cannot FIX a synthesis problem.

  6. I think this is gonna lift the federal prohibition of marijuana I’ll toke to that. Found out today I’m gonna be bed ridden soon and still no one the doctors wants to be the one to even refer me to pm in the mean time I’m living in a constant state of agitation and pain late at night and most of every morning in such hellish misery because my pain is being undertreated. Good job CDC and FDA i hope ya’ll lose sleep over the great job you did on preserving my quality of life because screaming myself into an early grave is much more satisfactory and humane level of healthcare.

  7. I commented, yet it says that they have received 0 comments. Does it take time to post?

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