There is NOT Just a US “Opioid Crisis” – There is Something Far Worse Happening…

There is NOT Just a US “Opioid Crisis” – There is Something Far Worse Happening…

Here it is…

Note from Tim Bolen – Our newest writer, Jonelle Elgeway, is, due to personal experience (major injuries), an EXPERT on US Pain Management issues.  Jonelle was on the 1996 Olympic Field Hockey Team. With the Opioid Crisis sweeping the nation I recruited Jonelle to give us an “Insiders View” of what’s happening.  When I first read her draft article (below) I was astounded to find out how bad the OFFICIAL US Pain Management system really is.  Jonelle is addressing Congress April 25th, 2018 on pain issues- Below is why she is doing that.

By Jonelle Elgaway

Jonelle is one of the 26 million people in the US that live with constant pain. Hers stems from this neck injury from a car accident.

There is no playbook on what to do when your life is turned upside down and inside out from a life altering car accident or major health issue. YOU’RE SCARED!

And you would expect that living in the United States the healthcare system would be there to not only save your life, but give you effective treatments and medications.

The United States healthcare system STINKS! And WE need to change it!

One of the biggest current U.S. healthcare FAILS is the so called “Opioid Crisis.”

First off, the United States isn’t dealing with a prescription opioid crisis.

It’s not even a heroin crisis.

The United States is currently in an Illicitly Manufactured Fentanyl Crisis.

In 2016 the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) created guidelines for primary care physicians prescribing for patients that are first time prescription pain medication users. The group of panelists were primarily made up of the Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) specializing in substance abuse.

Somehow these guidelines were taken as law and have created an out of control brush fire that’s turned into a forest fire, focusing on patients needing pain medication to have any quality of life.

How the “Opioid Epidemic” all started and the SCARY TRUTH about Illicit Manufactured Fentanyl (IMF)

1996 OxyContin was marketed as a low habit forming pain medication.

In 2010 the reformulation of OxyContin forced illegal pill users to turn to heroin, due to the tamper resistant pills.

In 2011-2012 the CDC states that heroin use took off. Debra Dowel from the CDC testified that we are now in an era of synthetic drugs.

China and Mexico now creates and illegally exports carfentanyl, which is an analog of the synthetic analgesic fentanyl. A unit of carfentanyl is 100 times as potent as the same amount of fentanyl, 5,000 times as potent as a unit of heroin and 10,000 times as potent as a unit of morphine. They have changed the molecules of heroin just enough that illegal drug users are able to get that “original high” that they always chase. We need to let the public know how dangerous this is.

All street drugs are showing up with IMF and essentially are POISONED!

To Main Stream Media and the White House… IMF IS YOUR PROBLEM! We must warn the public that they are playing Russian Roulette when buying anything from the streets. Recently one county in Ohio stated that 99% of the overdoses were different types of carfentanyl. Only 3 cases were plain heroin.

Who is being affected?

There are 116 million chronic pain patients in the U.S.

There are 25-26 million intractable pain patients, which are noncancerous rare and painful diseases like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Arachnoiditis and Rheumatoid Arthritis to name a few.

Out of these intractable pain patients, 5-6 million patients have been stripped of their pain medications due to forced tapers or forced reductions because of the CDC Guidelines. This was supposed to be about overdoses and addiction wasn’t it?

Instead this is causing entirely new issues.

Three things will happen to these patients… 1) They will commit suicide 2) They will turn to street drugs, which they won’t know what they are getting, leading to possibly more overdoses 3) More health issues will be created from having high levels of out of control pain for long periods of time such as; heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, cancers and auto immune issues.

How do we fix this issue?

(1)  Lawmakers should start by NOT creating any new laws or policies with data used from the CDC, because we now know that the CDC data is flawed and manipulated. The CDC recently admitted that they inflated the overdose numbers.

(2) The CDC guidelines should be revoked and instead use the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) written by doctors and medical boards specializing in pain management. When chronic pain patients use their medication properly, they rarely become addicted. Within the US there are less than 2% of the population that become addicts. This number hasn’t changed in the last 60 years.

(3)  Many states now accept and doctors need to use a Palliative Care Certificate and Exceptions. This will allow doctors to prescribe pain medication over the CDC guidelines of 90 mme. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) plan to use the CDC guidelines, which have NO scientific studies supporting that CDC’s 90 mme or CMS’s 200 mme levels are dangerous and will cause overdose or addiction for intractable pain patients. Again, there are no studies! In fact, FDA scientists did a study finding that there is no difference between pain from cancer and noncancerous pain.

(4)  Doctors should be given reimbursements as a palliative care visit instead of an office visit.

(5)  Fund programs to help build institutions like what the VA or other countries are setting up all over the world to take care of patients properly through multidisciplinary programs. Let’s be real about the limitations on alternative therapies within the US, if doctors provide them, health insurance doesn’t cover them.

(6)  Fund education for physicians on how to properly use pain medication and deal with patients having rare and painful diseases and chronic health issues.

(7)  Create harm reduction strategies for people with substance abuse issues.

(8)  Stop trade with Mexico and China until they deal with their illegal trade of IMF.

There is no “One Size Fits All” approach to pain management…

The is a really SIMPLE issue with a SIMPLE solution. Allow patients to have access to the correct medications and treatments that they need to have any quality of life.

Intractable pain patients dealing with severe and painful diseases are not a one-size-fits-all. They are not going to become addicts or overdose on the pain medication that they safely have taken for many years.

We need to let doctors treat their patients how they deem fit. The government needs to realize the real battle is with IMF coming in from Mexico and China!

By Jonelle Elgaway

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  1. This article is so spot on and very well written! I just hope that they listen to her. Something has GOT to change! And soon! These patients can’t be in this severity of pain for much longer or else, like the article said, they will either commit suicide or go to street drugs. My Mom has chronic pain from a deteriorating back (herniated discs, discs rubbing together, stenosis, arthritis and all of this is over the entire lumbar region) She is in constant and excruciating pain!! Especially this past month because it was her FIRST decrease in medicine, she has to drop down even further. She can’t even walk to the bathroom or get out of bed without ending up screaming in pain and in tears. I don’t know how they expect her to decrease anymore?! Her quality of life has gone to absolutely nothing!! Please Lord, let these lawmakers listen and let something change…and fast!!
    -Morgan D’Urso-

  2. Great Job Jonelle! Spot on! #TheRebelPatient

  3. This is a very well written article. If only our politicians cared about the truth or the facts. Instead of being the worthless corrupt crooked money grubbing political mass murderers that they have turned into under the Trump administration. They are intentionally depriving 10s of millions of innocent chronic pain patients and disabled veterans of their pain meds in order to cut costs and save over a $trillion a year by causing them to die prematurely or commit suicide. Trump/Congress/DEA/CDC/medical establishment all know the facts about this being a heroin/fentanyl problem caused by the mexican cartels but that would cost money to fight and the cartels pay off the DEA and the politicians to leave them alone. And they would kill the DEA and politicians if they interfere . It is so much more expedient to make up the OPIATE EPIDEMIC and create a false HYSTERIA pr campaign misleading the american public and vilify the word opiate and anyone who needs opiate pain meds in order to lead a quality life. In 2014 just the meds cost over 600 billion. The government and insurers stand to save over a $trillion by depriving these weakest and most vulnerable of their meds. This is an intentional holocaust. Trump,Congress,CDC,DEA,mds all know exactly what they are doing. They just don’t mind killing all these millions in the name of Greed and callous disregard for human life. Sadistic Politicians see Deep Pockets and Want to sue Purdue and other pharma for over 10 Billion. This is all about GREEDY DISHONORABLE THIEVES IN OUR GOVERNMENT. THEY ARE MASS MURDERERS

  4. I agree! Stop trade with China and Mexico! Warn people!

  5. Praise God they not only listen and do something

  6. Praying they listen to her, I can’t take much more

  7. Jonelle has the situation explained perfectly and accurately. Let us pray that congress listens!!

  8. Thank you for clarifying what and where this “Carfentanyl Crisis” is occurring!
    CDC has shown itself as inaccurate knee jerkers AGAIN!
    And MSM is guilty of plagiarizing whatever the Press Releases say, God forbid journalists read, research or seek an opposong opinion.

    • To tell you how bad it is the VA doctors were told not to worry when a chronic pain patientstated that there untreated pain would lead them to commit suicide. Two weeks after the VA released that statement to the VA (secretlyof course) a Veteran went to the VA and shot himself in the head. Well the VA has adopted multple ways to dealing with chronic pain like chiropractor services, acupuncture, epidurals, long term physical therapy ect they have limited everyone no matter what is wrong with you to 90mme. Even thought I am a 100% service connected Veteran I have to pay to see a outside doctor (fortunely she only requires me to see her twice a year) I basically cannot even use the benefits that I deserve frm my injury I got in the service (a back injury).The Va has done a pretty good job with those Veterans dealing with PTSD and have cut down on the suicide that disorder caused but now they have just replaced the number with chronic pain patient. I also get very sick and tired of everytime I go in there they start questioning about my pain medication when they where the ones who put me on a dose that was 30% higher then I am on now 17 years ago.

  9. Brava! . Researched and written forcing the point! I wish to print and carry this statement
    To show some medical providers .

    Thank you for expressing somber and real causes and effects

    Gratefully .
    Rebecca Estock


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