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Did you know that the ACLU has sued every president since our founding nearly 100 years ago? Every single president – from both of our two major political parties. No matter who’s in charge, we know our job is to defend the Constitution.

The ACLU is a nonpartisan organization, and we believe civil rights and liberties shouldn’t be partisan issues. These fundamental freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution transcend party lines.

That’s why it’s crucial that all of us stay active this year. We have to do everything we can to stop Donald Trump’s extraordinary assault on the Constitution and his reckless efforts to trample on people’s rights. That means using every bit of influence we can muster to influence decisions that affect the future of civil liberties.

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, you have an important role to play to uphold our American values. Please take this short survey so we can identify activism opportunities for you to make the biggest impact.

There have always been conservatives and progressives among the ranks of the ACLU. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Socialists – the banner of civil liberties is big enough to cover all of us.

We’ve been vocal in our opposition to the Trump administration’s policies – as we have been with every previous administration. But things are different now. This administration’s behavior isn’t normal by any definition.

That’s why we plan to engage in nonpartisan issue advocacy around the 2018 elections. We want all candidates to respect the rights and liberties of everyone in this country – and we know ACLU supporters will demand no less. We’ll work with supporters like you to ensure that all voters have the information they need to evaluate candidates’ positions on the key civil rights and liberties issues of our time.

We want to make sure we’re giving you the most relevant and meaningful opportunities to get involved. Will you take this quick survey to tell us about yourself?

If you’ve chipped in to an elected representative before, our advocates might enlist you to contact them on a key vote protecting our fundamental freedoms. Or if members of your political party are putting a core value of yours on the line, we might ask you to step up and make your voice heard.

The more you share in this short survey, the easier it will be for our advocates and organizers to match you up with opportunities to defend and protect civil liberties. We won’t ask more of you than you can manage – but we will ask you to step up in meaningful ways. That’s part of what it means to be an ACLU supporter in such an unprecedented time.

Thanks for fighting for our values,

Anthony D. Romero
ACLU Executive Director


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  1. The ACLU has a lot of nerve even asking for the support of cpp’s!!

  2. Ok,,,r u serious?knowing what ,’we” know,,did they not see your name,,your articles all over the place w/that register’d we sent??wow,,,,talk about 1 hand NOT knowing what thee other is doing!!yikes,,,maryw

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