The Other Side of Opioids

LAS VEGAS – Nightly newscasts across the country are filled with stories about the opioid epidemic — the opioid crisis. Tens of thousands of Americans who die each year are found with opioids in their systems, and so government at every level has stepped in to put limits on otherwise legal medications, including here in Nevada. For millions of chronic pain patients, the crackdown has been a nightmare. They are the forgotten victims in the opioid debate. Approximately 50,000 people a year die with opioids of one kind or another in their systems. The number you don’t hear is this one — there are as many as 25 million Americans who suffer with chronic pain. For many of them, opioid medication means the difference between leading somewhat normal lives, or surviving in constant agony. These are not the people who O.D. on heroin or mix drugs with booze. For the most part, they suffer and die in silence.

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  1. The wording, “they die witb opioids in their system…” is NOT saying the same thing as 5hey died FROM opioids, just that there WAS opioids in their system. See how the wording can be construed to make you THINK they died of opioids? This is a damned play on words.

  2. We are being denied “a republican form of government” as required by the Constitution. When bureaucrats can enact and enforce regulations that have the force of law, we are being denied “due process of law”. How did this happen? When did we lose our civil rights and liberties? Why are my medical records open to government review without reasonable grounds or any evidence that a crime has been committed? Why are chronic pain patients treated as criminal suspects without evidence that a crime has been committed?
    We can no longer tolerate this movement toward a dictatorial government.
    Bring back our democratic republic or we will degenerate to another third world nation ruled by the rich and powerful individuals and corporations.

  3. And so once again, we are left with absolutely no hope and no recourse. We are forced to live with debilitating and horrifying pain, and can do NOTHING to get the help we need. What is the answer, Steve? I live with so much anxiety that “next time” I will once again be turned away by an incompetent and profiling pharmacist, even tho my records are in perfect order…or next month they will close my pain management clinic. What can we actually do about any of it? This was a very informative and accurate portrayal of what is actually going on in the US. What can we do to get more of these informative articles out to the public. I’m so overwhelmed by just waiting to be next on the hit list. At 61 my nerves are shot worrying about all of it.

  4. Please have National News pick these up. Thanks

  5. Why is this story not being told on the MAJOR news stories? Why is “Sixty Minutes” not covering this???? They certainly put out a story twice about opioids that was inaccurate! In other words, they did not tell the whole story.

  6. So where is our voice heard in government??

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