What has healthcare in this country SANK TO ?

I Am a 49 year old man with a rare syndrome called Klippel -Trenaunay- Webber -Syndrome..I been fighting this all my life without any doctors knowing what to do for me but rip me open time after time after time. Ever since they started the stop on opioids my pain doctor tells me he can’t do nothing but reduce me cause of the DEA. I’m about to put a bullet in my head to stop the extreme pain I get from him reducing me I am not a drug addict but yet cause of what is going on I get shuffled with them I am a chronic pain suffer NO MORE NO LESS. My doctor tells me I’m going to even get knocked down more when he does this I will not know if I can deal with it cause of what he’s doing I’m stuck in a wheel chair now I haven’t seen my blood doctor or my heart doctor. I get blood clots and bleed very bad get serious infections through out my body that needs to be monitored but can’t get to a hospital to be moved..please help or get my story out there. At my wits end why aren’t they going cause to case why is it that drug addicts get free clinics opened in New Jersey to go and soot up but I can’t get nothing to help with my pain…at this point in my life I don’t know if I should start going that way since that is the way the GOVERNMENT WANTS ME TOO. Or just end my pain. Can’t take it anymore please help…..


While I do not encourage anyone to commit suicide… there are some pts in this country are being left with a single choice to put a “end” to their pain – permanently…  Should these chronic pain pts make a final effort to share their pain… making a video… do a facetime live… make a post on FB… send a letter to many friends they can trust to follow thru with their wishes… and that would be to have their prescriber to be charged with assisting suicide or assisting manslaughter… what ever legal violation that they can be charged with…

IF they are so F-ing concerned about their license and their livelihood… shouldn’t a pt put in this position take that final swing at making sure that the prescriber gets what he/she is afraid of… losing their license and their livelihood…  The DEA has “taken out” untold number of prescribers because a small number of their pts have OD’d … maybe they committed suicide and the DEA is their zest to find a prescriber to “take to the cleaners” that they don’t look for the reason for the OD.

Those pts who have been pushed to this point should be “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” and will spend their final hours/days in sharing their pain with those who have caused them to be in this position.

Personally, I am tried of trying to be politically correct and trying to offer pts some “guidance ” in dealing with their plight… when I know damn good and well that any reference that I give them… it will take 1-2 yrs for the bureaucrats that are suppose to protect these people from being abused to get their bureaucratic ass in gear.. .and we all know by then it will be too little too late.

I just made this post The “NO WIN GAME” … damn if you do… damn if you don’t  

where a prescriber is being sued by a spouse because her husband committed suicide while he was in the middle of a two month weaning down from being on opiates for chronic pain.  It is obvious that healthcare professionals have NO FEAR OF PTS… I feel sorry for this prescriber.. but.. this lawsuit could change the path that chronic pain treatment in this county could take…

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  1. Blah Blah Blah…Just like the ignorANUS middle class workers that voted republican in 2016 this is just another whiny dumbA that has felt the whiplash caused by electing republicans.
    Geoffrey Beauregard Sessions
    Need I really say any more???

  2. I feel the exact same way… my days are numbered. Heroin is not the way im going out. Nope believe me you’ll day an Even worse death. I am beyond disgusted by my government. When i go I’m gonna go big. I will leave a long detailed note pointing the finger at those responsible. Starting with the 12 authors of the opiods guidelines then the FDA and Jeff Sessions then it’ll trickle in down to the hospital that treated me like a drug seeker after my accident and misdiagnosed multiple spinal cord injuries then the doctors Ann’s surgeons i saw after that with the exception of the surgeon i have now. I want them all to pay. I hope i can haunt them from the grave. I hope that they will be struck down and caught in this bullshit opiods war riddled with untreated pain and forced to live in desperation that no one will fix or care. I hope they die destitute after a long painful existence like I’ve been in. I hate this i hate it so much that if i could i would wipe dc off the earth.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Both!!!!!

  4. I am also fed up with reading so many damn stories like this. THE DAMN BUREUCRATS ARE NOT LISTENING. They r driving people to suicide, and neither they nor the coward doctors care!!! Why the hell even go to these damn doctors if they’re useless? This Fing hysteria over opioids has got to end.ENOUGH! It’s a problem for some. Ok. Some od, some become addicted, but that’s life! Why deprive the majority because of some with problems? The dea needs to stop intimidating the doctors and the doctors need to get together and tell them ENOUGH.WE R NOT GOING TO LIVE IN FEAR.WE R IN THIS PROFESSION TO HELP PEOPLE, NOT LEAVE THEM IN SUFFERING
    The medical profession in America has become a joke, and not just because of this issue.I have my own pain condition, my own struggles, but I’m at the point where I’m ready to stop going to these doctors at all. So far they still help me with meds, but I live with the constant worry they will cut me off at any moment.Ive reduced my meds down and soon will wean myself off completely. I will use kratom for pain, until they ban that also. If they do I will do what I haven’t done in years, start drinking again. Use whiskey for my pain. It will kill me if I do because of my pancreas, but my death will be the fault of the damn dea and the medical profession.WHAT DO THESE FOOLS EXPECT US TO DO FOR PAIN WHEN OVER THE COUNTER GARBAGE ISNT ENOUGH? They will drive many right into the arms of heroin dealers for relief. I would not go that route since I hate illegal drugs and the scum that sell and kill people with them, but many will go that route. Many could try cannabis for pain to avoid doctors
    If they live in a legal state. It doesn’t work for me, but many find it does. How many more stories, how many more suicide, how many more driven to street crap, how many more before someone listens? Not only the pain med issue, but the entire insurance racket has become so complex and inadequate that many like myself are fed up with it. Now it will become even worse thanks to this president and this cold hearted Republican Congress. Until this country gets the obscene profits out of health care, it will only worsen. We need SINGLE PAYER like every civilized country on earth. We are no longer civilized in more ways than one.What is civilized about forcing people to live in misery and die in the streets because they can’t afford insurance? We do not have a health care system, we have an insurance racket system. Of course my response will go the way of millions of others, no one will listen.NO ONE. The people in charge have stopped listening, and most of us have stopped speaking. We give up. Kill us slowly bureaucrats. That’s less people to burden the system, especially us older disabled like me.You want us dead and we know it.

    • Gary, I totally agree with you that Govt needs to get outta our medical care, but the Single-payer approch is what got us in this mess in the first place. It is just feasable for the US to have a universal healthcare system cause of the cost. And, the fact that if that does happen, who do u think is going to control it…Answer: THE GOVERNMENT! Please be careful what u wish for. Our healthcare is in shambles, I agree. But, govt needs to not have the ability to determine who gets care, and who doesent. Just like what is happening now. The whole “opiode scam” is just a very intricate plan for the insurance companies to regain some of their losses due to being mandated to cover certain procedures and care…mental health, pre existing conditions, addiction counseling, etc…lost during the past 10 years. Along with the help of the CDC, FDA, DEA, AND THE DOJ. What, IMO, should happen, is to repeal the controlled substane Act to stripped the DEA of their “powers ” over certain medications. The first step of many towards a toltarian govt is to control meds, and healthcare. WE DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN ON EITHER SIDE. Everyone should be scared to death of this happening. I do agree that things have to change for the sake of all of us. Please hang in there, this is on the verge of changing as more info is being uncovered about this scam, and we need to get this out in the open via media outlets, if it takes sending info, comments and stories on a daily basis! God bless and power to the people…

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