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  1. While it is very hard to hear. Especially from such a prominent physician and advocate for the Intractable Chrinic Pain patient community. Dr. Tenant is speaking a very unplesant, but very real truth.
    The line has been drawn in the sand by politicians with support and guidance from very immoral and ethically bankrupt physicians serving their own goals and agendas. Until much more time has passed with tragic consequences from Death and a very large segment of our population now being moved from living semi-productive lives in society to a life of isolation filled with depression and pain. And the shame and reality of what has been perpetrated from the current actions is finally realized many years from now. We as Cronic Pain patients must realize that we have to do everything in out power to take on the burden and hardship of locating every alternative medical and theraputical alternative possible to achieve alternative ways to acquire the best quality of life possible in this new climate that exist in the pain management medical community.
    It is especially important for people living with Chronic Pain conditions like AA and other painful debilitating conditions to network together to share the outcome of alternative medications and therapies as quickly as possible to minimize the suffering we all are now condemned to realize as the new normal in the medical community. This demonization of Opioid medication and doctors that prescribe opioid medications has now been fully embedded in the minds of physicals across America. Replacing compassion and caring for patients and the partnership once realized between a patient and their care provider, with fear and a disconnect between care providers and their patients. Care Givers know this is wrong and feel a strong sense of remorse. But are now faced with fear for survival of their practices and careers by forces now mobilized and driven to prosecute physicians and pharmacist to further the completion of a completely new mindset when it comes to treating real patients with real pain in America.
    It was with great sadness and final resignation that I realized while watching a great and renowned Dr. Tenant look into the camera and put forth the words of defeat that the law enforcement community have worked so hard to empose on Dr. Tenant and other physicians like Dr. Tenant that have become more and more diminished in this war on Chronic Pain patients in America.
    This war on Opioids now being waged in America never was focused on the real subjects behind the numbers being presented in public forums by politicians and law enforcement communities to justify this attack on our medical institutions and the once compassionate and caring doctors that cared for the millions of Americans living with pain seeking a reasonable medical regement to provide dignity and a better quality of life while living with intractable Chronic Pain.
    This is a very sad day indeed to see a great man like Dr. Tenant acknowledge the reality of the current state of the medical community when it comes to caring for patients with Chronic pain.
    Dr. Tenant is no longer warning patients and individuals living with Chronic Pain that the health care system is about to abandon pain management practices that have been proven to be effective with no alternative to address pain levels that can only be mitigated with opioid therapy.
    Dr. Tenant is now unequivocally stating that the health care system as we have known that treats intractable Chrinic Pain with high dose opioid treatment is over. He is stating that we are now well into the transition phase whereas Opioid pain management therapies, despite how successful ot founded in science, will no longer be available to Americans as a rule.
    Dr. Tenant is providing a very loud wakeup call to Chronic Pain Patients across Ametica to join together, not to fight for change with the expectation that real opportunity exist that may change the course of change now well underway with our American Health Care system when it comes to Chronic Pain management treatment. But rather to accept that we are now faced with a very real reality that new alternatives to address our Chronic Pain needs is largely now up to the individual Chronic Pain patient to seek out and discover what will or can provide any relieve at all from the pain that is now going to be imposed and allowed by the medical community to now be allowed to exist in our lives.
    It is no longer reasonable to expect anywhere near the relief from pain once provided by the health care system. The burden has now been shifted to the patients and family members of loved ones to educate and discover remedies for relief from disabiliting pain with a only a minimal fixed limit of pain medication allowed for pain relief by medical professionals and medical institutions with guidelines not based in the scientific medical community. While it is creates fear and anxiety in patients now living with Chronic Pain. Unfirnatualy Dr. Tenant is now confirming once and for all. This is the new reality.
    The sooner we all face this new reality and become more united working together to bring forth alternative treatments and medications like Kratom, Stem Cells, medical supplements, hormone therapy etc, the sooner we can be prepared when out medications are reduced to the point that Opioids are but one of very many different medications and treatments used to bring as much relief as possible. It is a given, that the politicians and physicians have now come to terms with the fact that Americans are now going to be allowed to live with dramatically higher pain levels in our lives with no remorse or desire to address this new level of pain now being transitioned into our lives. Americans living with Chronic pain once looked to out healthcare providers to live lives with pain levels ranging from 4 to 5 in a 10 point scale. It is now time to realize that scale of approved pain in the lives of Americans with Chronic Pain has been moved to from pain levels of 4 to 5 points, to 6 to 8 points on a scale if 10 for the millions of Americans living with Chronic Pain.
    I am not suggesting that we give up the fight to make Politicians more compassionate and attentive to Chronic Pain patient suffering. Yes, we must keep up the fight. But with the understanding that a generation of Americans living with Chronic Pain is about to be lost to this war of atteitition now being waged upon the Healthcare system by Politicians with a false narrative using this as a distraction to move the focus away from the war on drugs that has been lost for decades. Yes, we must continue to fight and bring forth new politicians, both Democratic and Republican that will bring back a voice and compassionate care for the suffering that has been extinguished with fear and intimidation in our present day.
    We must band together to help each other and start living in the present reality no longer waiting or hiding, hopeful this war on Opioids will not find us while we think we have doctors that will not sucomb to the pressure now being imposed in todays medical community.
    If Dr. Tenant has now thrown in the towel (no disrespect meant what so ever for this great man!) after relentless attacks from the DEA, then what message does this send to ALL Pain Management doctors in America when it comes to continuing to dispense higher than CDC recommended levels of opioids.
    Do you think that THIS was possibly the reason Dr. Tenant, a world renowned and leading expert in Opioid Treatment for Intractable Chronic Pain patients, was targeted by law enforcement and Politicians?
    Thank you Dr. Tenant for pointing out that it is time for our segment of Americans living with Chronic pain to wake up and agressivily seekout new alternatives to Opioids as quickly as possible to address our pain needs.
    We applaud your lifetime of dedication, compassion and caring for not only your patients living with intractable Chronic Pain, but also lending your voice and giving directiin in advocacy for the thousands of Americans living in pain.
    We thank you for pointing out with clarity that we now must take more responsibility for our pain and the loved ones living with pain that need put help.
    God Bless you Dr. Tenant for your service.
    Steven G.

  2. It’s funny this video was posted today. I came to this very same conclusion this morning talking with my husband. I will NOT however, stop writing to these jerks and fighting the fight! I think trying to find a different Dr. to not lower me any further is a waste of time. I’m so tired…

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