Torture American Style ?

If this had been a video of one of the terrorist in GITMO – who has tried to kill us… this would be all over the national news… but… since it is being done “quietly” in a hospital…  normally few would be aware of it…

Is AMY a “prisoner” of the war on drugs ?

Isn’t prisoners of war entitled to certain rights ?

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  1. I’m Deaf and this isn’t captioned. No one ever describes videos that are put up here and not captioned (which are most) so I haven’t a clue what is happening. Can someone transcribe her speech for me?

    • Steve, do you know of someone who could help you add written transcription below the videos? I know some are much longer than others, but I don’t know if you work solo or have some help.

      • I tried to get Siri to create a text on this video but this woman’s diction/pronunciation was so poor that Siri tried her best…but.. it was hopeless

        • Thank you, Steve. I’m not deaf myself, but AM hard of hearing, so I was holding the speaker of my laptop up to my ear to hear it. Siri definitely has her limits. She’s been sassing my husband’s phone ever since he got it!

  2. Every American should stand up and start letting this Government know that treatment like this is unacceptable but they won’t they will just turn their heads

  3. Wow!!! That’s horrible. That poor young lady. That hospital should be ashamed.

  4. I’m just going to say this about it, if I were that woman’s husband, it would soon become apparent to that hospital, particularly the nurse who behaved like that towards her, just how much a mistake they made treating her that way. I would never tolerate that.

    • AMEN,,,,,, my husband has almost been thrown out of a hospital for some bitch control freal cruel nurse,,,,,,Shes already sick,,,she has no energy to fight for herself right now,,,,Someone needs to fight for her,,and her recording all this,,,well done Miss,,,,,,we should all record our torturers,,mary


  6. I have literally just went threw similar bull My husband of 38 yrs is 64 yrs old. He had three knee replacements on the same knee from 2008-2014. Along with two infection surgeries in between. He worked at his union job of 23 year’s until the second infection (11-2013)where they removed the knee and inserted a cement block not allowing him to move from a chair for four month’s as I for the second time that year(1-2013 also) had to learn to run a curlin pump that I sterilized, primed and set up to dose an antibotic/ oxycillin bag, every six hour’s to his pic- line that ran to his heart. 4-2014 he received the last titanium leg, knee cap and pin.Next step will be removal of the leg if anymore problems arise.In 2006 he started pain management until he could not stand it and started down the road to all these surgeries. With no issues and enough medicine to continue to work until after the last 2014 knee surgery. His surgeon said he could no longer stand or work at his plant. In 2014 the pain management closed and he has been barely getting relief and is afraid to ask for anymore at his newer place.
    I tell you all this, because the real story that reminds me of Amy is December 14,2017 he got dizzy,lost unconsciousness, fell and broke the hip on the same side as all the surgeries. After spending twelve hour’s in ER they admitted him. He had a pin and nail put in the hip and spent three more day’s at hospital in Ohio. The resident Doctor they assigned him determined without any tests ran the pain medicine caused him to get dizzy, lose unconsciousness and fall and break the hip. I told him bull! I also explained about six other possibilities that could of caused the dizziness and they had better look and test for since he has so many complications from all those previous surgeries. He also has a pituitary tumor.
    This doctor had him on oxycondone 5 mg two at a time every eight hour’s and ibuprophen.I complained they changed to a stronger medicine.The four day’s in the actual hospital they did not test for much. I continued arguing with this doctor to make him listen to my husband’s kidney specialist and follow threw with a consult from kidney doctor that weekend. He did’ nt want to, but I made sure he did.As my husband gladly calls me the mouth of the family.You better believe it!
    So we agreed to move him across the street to their rehab hospital for therapy for the hip. Due to needing pt and ot several times a day I waited until 2:00 to come down. I noticed how much pain my husband was in the second day there. Here the doctor at the Rehab had him on 2 small doses twice a day at 12:00 a.m and 12:00 p.m.. So I had his very compassionate nurse call that doctor( after I explained all he deals with on a daily basis now along with the newly broken hip). They did up the dose and add 6:00a.m and 6 p.m.. He was’ nt pain free. They did’ nt want him to be they said.
    So after 23 day’s ( Jan 5 th discharge) in hospitals on the 22 nd day I called the Dr that ran the rehab. He also said the dizziness started this whole nightmare was due to his pain meds. I disagreed.. He said” You know Ohio’s laws now”. I said ” I don’t care”.I voiced my concerns as to they had not found the reason why he got dizzy to begin with and I did’nt want him to fall again with the leg and hip now when they send him home the next day. He ordered a therapist to test him as soon as we hung up the phone and diagnosed little vertigo. That was only because I complained. He said he wants him to reduce and get off all pain meds at some point, ( We’ ll never see him again),but the Instructions he sent him home with is the same doses he was on in the hospital? No script of coarse.
    I don’t know if and how these two doctor’s words will influence my husband’s pain management.I’ ll deal with it then.
    My husband’s feet are swollen so bad he can’t put anything on them. They discharged him when it was minus 15 here last Friday. He made it in the house, but he is pale and can barely walk and in agony.Waiting to see if he improves before I make any calls to the CEO of the rehab and other phone numbers I made sure to get before leaving.
    Also he fell in 2014 spent a week at the same hospital from high ammonia levels. These doctors changed that diagnosis to saying due to the pain pills now.
    At the hospital this was the nurse’s screen saver on her monitor. Pain management. With out opioids. What to do for your patients:
    1. Turn on t.v. 2. Turn on music. 3. Close their door and stupid stuff like that. I knew what we’d be dealing with thanks to Pharmacist Steve’s updates, National Pain Report and more. I have been a CPP sixteen year’s and due to the regulations, etc I discharged myself a few month’s ago. My doctor called me ” awesome” for doing this.?MMJ will be legal in Ohio and I have two of the medical reasons to use.
    I cut my thumb very bad yesterday it had bled off and on for 8 hour’s was told by my insurance’s nurse to go to an urgent care or ER to see why it continued to bleed every time I I moved it. It hurts and it’s wrapped, but I had a bottom molar cut out of my mouth before Thanksgiving the dentist gave me Motrin 800. Can’t imagine the added pain if I needed a stitch or two?
    it’s gotten scary everywhere. Defiantly speak up for your family member. Everyone has a boss.
    Wish I could come to N.Y. to help Amy.

  7. Unconscionable. If the patient can contact the Albany Medical Center, and the Joint Commission Association (hospital oversight organization) in Oakbrook, IL, 630-792-5000 change will happen.

  8. Hard to watch
    Hard to listen
    Hard to imagine this stuff goes on in America
    Hard to be with the fact that our system keeps Harming people

  9. This woman deserves mercy. As a retired nurse I’m mortified! For the nurse, even if your hands were tied due to physician orders, compassion should be available for this young woman. To complicate my understanding, 2 months ago, I was the patient lying in ER with a history of chronic pain and a hip fracture. I was the one in tears begging for pain med 5+ hours after the fall. Wish I had thought about my phone! I will if this ever happens again!

  10. Just like the experts think that taking away my pain meds will stop me from being a junkie…damn right it will…cause I am now looking for assisted suicide dr’s

  11. My heart goes out to this woman and all who are treated in this way. Before my Mother passed, she was treated similarly. Her hip had dislocated after surgery to fix where she had fallen and broke it. Unfortunately, she had also been recently diagnosed with severe dementia from complications from a severe infection of viral encephalitis. She was not given anything for pain for almost 2 months even with my advocating on her behalf. It wasn’t until she was transferred to CCU for infections and heart problems that a real doctor actually investigated and found her hip had been dislocated the entire time.

  12. This really made me cry. This is absolute torture and there is no reason whatsoever for our government or medical community to subject anyone to this type of treatment. I wholeheartedly blame this administration who is not governing, but causing as much harm as possible. If it is now fine for addicts to be treated with opioids for life, then pain patients deserve to get their prescription medications and their lives back- those who have not already committed suicide from pain or been forced to die from pain heart attack or stroke.

  13. Send this to USA Today and let them stick in their pipe and smoke it. Seems they’re very fking confused about the so/called “opioid crisis”

  14. I am disgusted, crying, enraged for this poor woman. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I plan on calling this hospital and complaining bigtime. This needs to hit the news channels oh wait, if it’s not abusing drug addicts it won’t fit their agenda since thus poor woman is an actual pain pt!!! I wish I lived in that area cuz I’d be visiting this woman asap! God please please help us all!

  15. She needed to have someone stay with her in the hospital so they could back up everything she’s saying but I absolutely believe her. Maybe having someone there would have made the nurses be somewhat human with feelings, why someone goes into nursing knowing their heartless is beyond me. Two yrs ago I had Thr and they gave me muscle relaxers and Tylenol by Iv I suffered. Oh yeah she should record them just hide it under the blankets.

    • We think we’re safe. It’s a hospital, right! I left my husband at home for treatment out of town by ambulance. Concerned about him driving. Thought I could be my own advocate, right?

  16. I’m speechless! I’ve had similar bowel surgeries and cannot EVEN IMAGINE being given Ativan only for pain!!! This needs to be on the nightly news! Our government has gone too far! If she were an animal she would have been humanely euthanized. God bless this woman. I hope she sues the hell out of each and every person on her treatment team! Or lack of treatment team is more accurate!!! What the hell is wrong with these nurses? I hope they get fired and are never allowed to work in the medical field!

  17. I reported my doctor to the board as I understand her agony. They told me it would typically take 4 months. We are in the 15 month and most of the issues are the Texas Medical Board can not believe and will not allow anyone to be treated this way, and it has been called Torture. The Dr. doesn’t want it on his record, so he has been to court once. I was in a flare, but wrote him a letter to be read. They had kept all my correspondence, and gave it to him along with my letter. They said “for what it’s worth, he is remorseful. I believe it but he was clueless how to treat a pain patient. He’s a surgeon and one of the best. But he had “pain” and God cured him, so he went into pain medicine. All my doctors gathered and made sure there were no dependencies. I have told him how much money I want when this is done, as he offered me money at first, but I found that so horrible that there is a price tag on my life. But, he will pay. I’ve never been treated so kindly by doctors – at TMB, but they have seen the trauma and all it has caused. I hope the CEO gets fired and every one who has crossed her path and it gets on their record. This is insane. It makes me ill. .

  18. This was posted in a kratom group then through fear it was removed. This whole thing angers me!! I did a video similar to this, what was going on with me was not even close to this!! Folks in a pain group I was in called up the hospital on my behalf. I hope someone, I hope hundreds of people are calling on this woman’s behalf!! I know I am going to right now!! I hope this video serves as an example for everyone to take you phones, take your friends, document this abuse!! The only way it will stop is if we speak up like this woman is doing.

    • I will absolutely call. I didn’t catch her last name did you – or anyone? This is outrageous. Makes me sick! This does need to be on the nightly news. Utterly heartbreaking! I hope she sues!!

  19. Every patient needs an advocate/ family member during these emergencies period !!!

  20. U know,,,,,at some point,,,someone is gonna snap,,, a husband,,,a father,,, a son or daughter of this innocent women,,,,,,for the complete inhumane,cruel,,,,TORTURE,,,,being perpatrated by our governments hand of deceit and deviant perverted view of pain management and our medicines.KOLODYNS 44 million $$$ media campaign preaching prejudice,hatred,lieful data ,influencing the mass’s deem this type of inhumane cruelity accepted,,thus WHY THEY DID IT,, just like the poor soul who couldn’t breath,and nurses laughed as he choked to death and this women,,,,,,,how many more are there,,,where the cruelity,the TORTURE the U.S.A. government accepts towards the chronically medically ill so they can save a buck or the likes of kolodyn can get rich by his false addiction bullshit,,,,kolodyn should be proud of this type of torture,,,,,hey they gave her barely nothen for physical pain,,,,,,aren’t u proud kolodyn!!!!maryw[..

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