NOTICE TO PATIENTS OF ANY PAIN CLINIC, ANYWHERE. We are being advised that in some instances where DEA has stepped up their activities regarding targeting of pain clinics and physicians, that patients are also being approached in their homes. BE AWARE, that unless you are presented with a WARRANT signed by a Judge with YOUR NAME on it, you are under no obligation to allow anyone into your home under any circumstances no matter how much they attempt to convince you that they have a right to enter your home. They have NO RIGHT or AUTHORITY to enter your home, inspect your medications, search your home or COUNT YOUR MEDICATIONS. Do not get into an argument. Be firm, polite, and send them on their way. You are patients, not criminals.




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  1. My lawsuit was dismissed. Is anyone having any luck suing. We better start getting people Congress and the Senate. We need public support, and if we are able…. sue the pharmacies, physicians, and try to go after anyone involved in this mess.

  2. This is unreal were targeted because we suffer from pain how cruel can this country get they are violating so many if our rights THIS HAS TO STOP we have to stand up for our rights

  3. Do we know what states this is happening in and how we can help stop this madness

  4. WTF is this country turning into?? Just let em try to come knocking on my door. This is a terrifying time for pain pts. So now we have to be constantly looking over our shoulders and anxiety overload worried these scumbags will just show up. #ACLU are you there? !?!

  5. Has this happened in any state? Is this 100% legit??? I don’t understand how anyone can do this. Someone has to be snitching or something.

    • Many states will allow the DEA into their Prescriptions Monitor Program – only Missouri doesn’t have one – and they can go on a fishing expedition with the data on all people who have had a controlled substance prescriptions filled. Remember the DEA is part of law enforcement… and no one is around to make sure that they follow all the laws that specifically applies to them

  6. OMG the NAZIS are getting worse by the minute! Thank you for the heads up!

  7. Seriously ??!!! When will this stop?

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