Imagine this: A functioning addict… not committing crimes

ATLANTA – As deaths continue to escalate from the opioid and heroin crisis across the country and here in Georgia, Channel 2 Action News visited an addiction clinic doing something you may say is unthinkable: giving heroin to addicts.

Despite the controversy, studies and patients experiences back up the success of the approach.

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The idea behind it is simple: If addicts are going to use heroin, why not give it to them in a safe environment?

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The drugs are not contaminated, addicts don’t turn to crime and they can start to rebuild their lives.

Such treatment may seem irrational, even dangerous, but it’s gaining attention as the U.S. and Georgia battle an epidemic of overdose deaths.

Of the 1,300 overdose deaths in Georgia, in 2015, 900 of them were due to opioids and heroin.

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Channel 2’s Tom Regan flew to Vancouver, Canada to see the heroin-assisted-treatment program at Providence Crosstown Clinic. The treatment is directed at hard-core heroin addicts who don’t benefit from other medications like methadone and suboxone.

With nurses standing by with naloxone, the clinic said it’s never had a fatal overdose.

2 Investigates take a look at the program’s success and if the approach could work in the United States, and here in Georgia, to fight the opioid crisis, Monday on Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m.

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  1. How is it that the suggestion is made to give the heroin addicts SAFE injection sites and restrict opioid pain medications for the chronic pain patient? I have no problem with safe injection sites, but I have a BIG problem with cutting back supplies for opioids as the DEMOCRATS have written and apparently gotten the Trump Administration to go along with. I will vote on this one issue and I have been a life long Democrat. Many people are one issue voters. WHY is cannabis not legal?? ALSO IBOGAINE will cure the addict!

  2. Why is it acceptable to give heroin to addicts but cpp, especially those who have been stable on medication, get their medication taken away? It’s all a money game and cpp are the losers!

  3. Someone else pointed this out too,,I forget who,,,but $$$$ wise,,it is a hell of a lot cheaper,,the forced rehabs at 40,000 a crack,,or locking them up,,paying for prison,,to feed,house,,cloth,,the guards,the guards employment,healthcare etc,,,It has proven to work,,and a heck of a lot cheaper,,the method spoken of in this article,,,maryw

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