Contaminated drugs from NECC may have been since fall 2011

Pennsylvania Woman with Fungal Meningitis Sues Drug Manufacturer

from the article:

The complaint alleges that on or around Nov. 10, 2011, and on two later occasions, Michele Erkan of Red Lion, Pennsylvania received poisonous epidural steroid injections from a pain-management clinic and developed a high fever, a severe headache, nausea and sensitivity to light some days later. She was subsequently diagnosed with fungal meningitis.

Ms. Erkan’s injections occurred at least 10 months before NECC recalled methylprednisolone acetate suspected to be linked to the fungal infections – raising serious concerns that the problems at NECC and the associated fungal meningitis outbreak began far earlier than the FDA, CDC, or state investigators have suggested. Many cases may have gone undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, her attorney said.

NECC announced the recall of three lots of the medication on Sept. 26, 2012.

This swamp may be much deeper and have many more alligators than first thought !  This opens up a whole multitude of questions that now needs to be asked…

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  1. Barry is a physical and mental midget with a napoleonic complex.

  2. If you think the FDA is on top of this, then you are probably dreaming. They are slow to discover problems and much slower when it comes to doing something about the problem. I have had some personal experience with the FDA and I have very little confidence in them. If the American people are relying on the FDA to protect the drug supply and the food supply then they are going to face a rude awakening. The whole matter of the contaminated injectables by NECC is opening up a ‘can of worms’. I never dreamed that docs were buying drugs from pitiful compounding places like NECC. Hope the patients sue the docs too.

    About the FDA, just look at all the drugs that have come on the market that had very bad side effects that were discovered a few years after they were on market! This should be a red flag for everyone when it comes to the FDA. And, the same can be said for these manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers will put these drugs on the market knowing that there are significant side effects. Have you seen any drug company CEO’s go to jail?

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