DEA: seeking evidence from prescriber’s office to prove a preconceived conclusion/crime ?

Elizabeth Korcz, MD

by Linda Cheek, MD

Elizabeth Campbell Korcz, a Board Certified, Family Medicine Physician at Alt MD in Hoover, Al was raided in August, 2017. As a result, her office has closed.

DEA Agent Bret Hamilton, the FBI, Hoover Police, members of the Alabama Pharmacy Board and officials with the US Attorneys’ Office were present as boxes of office records were seized, but Hamilton would not say what the records entailed. He did, however, make inference of “pursuing doctors that are prescribing narcotics without a legitimate medical need”.  However, Dr. Korcz was not arrested, nor were charges filed. They will take the patient records and then construct a crime.  As one media headliner stated: “DEA raids Hoover doctor’s office seeking evidence on unneeded narcotics prescriptions.” You see, they don’t have any evidence of wrongdoing—they construct it after the fact. That shows that they are violating a doctor’s 4th amendment rights with and illegal search and seizure.

Dr. Korcz graduated first in her class at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA, in 2005, while raising three beautiful children.  She studied acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) developing skills in complementary practices like natural/herbal medicine and hypnosis.  Her practice also provides counseling, prayer, relaxation therapy, natural and medicated weight loss treatments, fitness advice, pain management, suboxone addiction recovery services, botox, facials, chemical peels and blemish removal. Her desire is for a more Holistic approach to treating and caring for patients.

This is the second such search warrant executed in the state in recent weeks. Over the past three years, the DEA has investigated and convicted 10 Alabama doctors for prescribing narcotics without a legitimate medical need. That includes Drs. Couch and Ruan of Mobile. The newly appointed U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Jay Town, has chosen to jump on the gravy train to prosecute doctors for easy money, jobs, and promotions. He is quoted as saying

“As long as there are doctors in the state of Alabama prescribing narcotics without a legitimate medical need, the DEA will continue to investigate.”

But according to the Controlled Substance Act, it is the doctor who decides that there is a medical need. The DOJ, however, because of people’s past belief that our government agents were ethical and moral, has taken it upon themselves to misinterpret the code, and people have swallowed the bait. That is putting hundreds of innocent doctors in prison across the country.

Besides being an independent family practice physician doing alternative, healing medicine, Dr. Korcz’s husband, Matthew Korcz, is listed as the office manager. That means that by attacking her office, the government can confiscate everything they own, by charging both with a crime. This appears to be a new “criteria” for targeting, as was done with Oscar Stokes, MD and Milind Tilak, MD.

Patients have made the following comments:

Dr Korcz is an amazing doctor who helps many. If a patient lies to her about the amount of pain they are in how can she know they are being deceitful? The DEA needs to move on and leave a small family practice with a lovely caring doctor alone and actually look for some real criminal activity. Dr Korcz drug tests all of her patients that require that and she gets rid of patients that fail the test. She is fair and knowledgeable. I hope her practice recovers and she is vindicated in these false allegations. I’m a patient here and I have been on the same dosage ( very low) for 5 years. She is conservative and doesn’t hand out medicine that isn’t needed.

I am a patient there and all these accusations are totally false. Hoover police need to go after the real dope dealers and stop pretending that they are doing something by busting up a doctor’s office. This Dr.s is needed by many. There is no illegal activity there.

People of America: Wake up and stop convicting innocent doctors. Recognize the illegal activity of your government officials.

Doctor Korcz, DO NOT waive your right to a speedy trial. DO NOT take a plea. They have no case. They take 2 years to construct one. Consult us at Doctors of Courage. We can help you get your practice back.

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  1. They are targeting independent , minority, and immigrant practitioners, has anyone else noticed that?

  2. The DEA has found a great cash cow in legally prescribing providers and the backlash for ccp is terrible! The illegal and immoral “war on drugs” has become a process of terrorism of cpp and their providers. Sadly once a government finds a lucrative way to attack a group of people, especially if they can claim that it’s part of the ‘war on drugs” they are like pit bulls and will never let go! Heck they can make huge money attacking medical providers without the dangers of going after criminal entities that should be their targets!! It’s pretty simple to attack those who are required to keep meticulous records while using false information with which to charge them! The DEA needs to do their job of reducing illegal street drugs and leave those who are trained in MEDICINE to do their jobs!!

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