100% Proof That CVS Health Stopped Selling Cigarettes Because The U.S. Government Forced Them To Stop

100% Proof That CVS Health Stopped Selling Cigarettes Because The U.S. Government Forced Them To Stop


CVS Health Lied To The Public

Washington DC  –  Everybody has heard of CVS Health big move to stop selling Cigarettes and Tobacco products in their stores and they were praised by the Obama Administration. There is probably not one person in this country that did not hear something about CVS cutting-out Cigarette sells and asking other pharmacies and/or retail stores to follow in their footsteps as one of the leaders in health. Get ready for the bang of your life because it was all just a BIG LIE and the joke is on the American citizens of this country, once again.

There were hundreds and thousands of articles published in 2014 pressing the news about CVS Health big move to stop selling Cigarettes which would lead to over one “Billion” dollars in revenue losses for the Pharmacy Giant. There was also a lot of propaganda between CVS and former president Barack Obama who said that he had quit smoking while he was president, and there was a lot of hype that he was overheard on a live microphone last year joking that he did so “because I’m scared of my wife.”

Lets not forget that CVS Health president Larry Merlo was invited to the White House by former president Barack Obama during the State of the Union Address and speech in 2015. Barack Obama spoke about cracking down on “real pain patients” and he also was introducing his new website for “OBAMACARE” which interested CVS Health greatly because they have stated that they want to “Take-Over” community clinics, and the community clinic shares in this country. What a perfect way for CVS to take over the community clinics from the doctors by paying-off and lobbying the Government. Does this ring any bells to anybody reading this?

Proof CVS Health Lied

The proof that CVS dropped the cigarettes from their shelves can be easily located on the website of the State Legislature.  Without any research, anybody who knows anything about CVS Health, knows that they changed their name from CVS Caremark to CVS Health. This is the first clue why they reported that they were going to stop selling cigarettes. The second clue is that CVS Health opened hundreds of “Retail Clinics” out of their stores. They call them Minute Clinics and they are staffed by non-doctors. These were not the main reasons CVS stopped selling cigarettes and tobacco. Go to the link of the State Legislature and this is the main reason they had to cut-out cigarette sells. The Government forced them to cut-out the cigarettes and the “FAKE NEWS” mainstream media made it look like they just dropped the cigarettes from the shelves. “What a mind game!”

”PUBLISHED LEGISLATION: Washington – 2009 HB 2257 – Prohibits retail establishments from selling tobacco products where the establishment has a health care clinic on the premises.”

It looks like CVS Health public notice that they were pulling the cigarettes from their shelves because of public safety and because they “care” about the people in this country has been debunked. Special interest groups that have paid lobbyist to pay-off political and governmental officials can and will never do anything for the “good” of the people. That’s why they are called “special” interest groups!

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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation

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