The magic number may be 29

Mass. pharmacy board approves tougher rules for compounding pharmacies

Latest count is 29 deaths (tomb stones).. and now the MA BOP tries to get their act together.

Imagine this .. from the article:

The new rules, approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy, will for the first time allow the state to track the volume and distribution of drugs made by compounding pharmacies to determine whether they are operating more like a manufacturing facility subject to licensing by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Here is a revelation from the article:

Governor Deval Patrick, who joined Bigby, said, “The compounding industry has evolved, and in some ways it has outgrown the current regulatory framework, not just the state but the federal regulatory framework.”

Maybe all the BOP’s should look at all the practice acts… that mostly still thinks we are in the early 20th century.. operating as  a independent owned dominated profession.

The Governor expects to have the whole system “corrected” by Dec 31 st… the article did not say which year !

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  1. Would the Governor say as much if it were dentists involved, or laboratory technicians, or even physicians? It just seems ridiculous that a Governor thinks he is the Board of Pharmacy, and yet that is the way it is. We cannot even regulate ourselves.

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