FDA: OK to give ADDICTS meds the DEA says are dangerous given together ?

FDA To Providers: Do Not Withhold Medication-Assisted Opioid Addiction Treatment Due To Potential Interactions


FDA is updating its existing warnings on the dangers of combining addiction medications and certain anxiety and insomnia drugs to emphasize that despite the potential for potentially deadly interactions, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction should not be withheld from patients already taking these anxiety medications. Instead, providers should develop a treatment plan that closely monitors any concomitant use of the drugs, FDA says. The agency announced Wednesday that it is updating both the existing boxed warnings for the drugs…

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  1. Sweet mother of god. You have just GOT to be freaking kidding me!! Meanwhile, millions of people in America and around the globe who have NOT chosen their illness and who can so little to cure or put into remission their illness are being left to choose between submitting themselves to being labeled as an addict or as someone that has developed a “substance abuse disorder” just to receive Suboxone in order to stave off suicide!! And once it’s in their medical records they’ll NEVER be treated for chronic pain ever again!

    I am entirely ASHAMED of the lack of support from the medical community and the media for people with chronic illnesses that have historically been known to cause chronic pain and suffering!

    What’s happening amounts to human rights violations!! But, we will NOT go quietly! We are fighting back against the bigotry, the lack of compassion, the ignorance, the lies, the deceit, and the cherry picked stats that have been inflated by the anti-opioid zealots and “PROPaganda” that’s caused too much suffering and even death (suicides) among people in chronic pain.

    This entire situation is so illogical it has to make people wonder WHY it’s even happening! I say, follow the money!! Who is benefitting from all the suffering!?? I’d like to know!

  2. If the addict can have the combination medications, then, the chronic pain patient should also have access!!!

  3. When is an attorney going to defend the chronic pain patients?

    • I want to share w/u what 3 attorney’s said to me..U know how ,”avvo,” has the ask a attorney ???I did exactly that..Ask a attorney to represent cpp’s to sue the federal government for torture/genocide,abuse of just powers etc…1 attorney who was also a doctor replied and 3 agreed w/him,,He told be,,,”don’t u know we have a opiate epidemic going on?!! He said he knew us cpp’s were not able to get our ,”drugs,” but we are justifiable casualities,,” to save thee addict,,,” in quote,,,i am not kidding u…
      u guys,,”they,” the government, the dea,,,tom price ,Klondike,,,want pain management gone for good!!!!They are sueing the pharmaceutical,,they are arresting innocent doctors,,Now,,they going after the pharmacist,and thee insurance companies,,,are being sued,,brought up on false charges,,,fined billions of dollars,,and I quote tom price,,our hhs director,,,”He knew back in 1990,that pain management w/opiates was wrong,,all wrong,,”” He is the head of HHS,,,,go look for yourself,,on the hhs page,,,,the 5 points,,written by him,,,,They stated they do not want to ,”make,” anymore asddicts,,,they view us as addicts,,,,,if we don’t fight back,,like our lives depend on it,,,FOR THEY DO,,,,,, humane effective access to pain medicine that work,,opiates,,,,,will be gone,,,,for that is what they want!!!!!

  4. I think I’d get better pain and anxiety relief if I lied and said I was an addict. The hypocrisy of all this is pathetic. Give recovering addicts a class of medication federally approved for the relief of pain that they purposely abused (opioids) while denying those in legitimate pain (acute, post-op and chronic) that same class of medication. (As I’ve stated before, I have no problem with recovering addicts using MAT. It’s the hypocrisy of withholding opioids from those in pain that sickens me).

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