Doing the MATH

Houston TX area has a population of 2.3 million +

If one presumes that 30% of the population are chronic pain pts… abt 690,000 chronic pain pts in the Houston area

If one presumes that each get their pain meds in 30 days supplies

Presuming that most pharmacies will hold chronic pain pts to a 2 day early refills..  some won’t even allow ONE DAY EARLY…

Since Harvey has been pounding Houston since Friday…

That would suggest that potentially up to  abt 23,000 chronic pain pts will be running out of their pain medication EACH DAY.. and being thrown into cold turkey withdrawal…

AND NOW… TROPICAL STORM HARVEY is headed for New Orleans/Louisiana … to impact more pts.

Of course, probably a lot of healthcare providers are more concerned about their own personal issues caused by this natural disaster … after all … now.. it is every person for themselves…

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  1. […] week ago I  posted this   Doing the MATH    where I suggested that in the Houston area of 2.3 million that some 23,000 chronic pain pts […]

  2. You make a good point however with what we see of so many coming out to help I think your conclusion is patently unfair.

    • I think you’d be surprised how many people will do just that,,,,take care of themselves and screw thee other guy drowning….When our home burnt,,I once had 6 brothers and sisters,,,none,,,not 1,,,came to help us rebuild,,,,1,,gave us money for boots,,jackets,gloves and hats,,,THANK GOD,,, but none of thee others,,,even on my hubby’s side,,5 brothers,,,not 1,,,,sent us anything to help us,,,They all came out to ,”see” the fire,,,but none lifted a finger to help us,,,As a matter fact,,did the opposite,,blamed us,,for using a wood burner,,The wood burner was not even on,,hadn’t even fired it up yet,,,,,it was a electrical fire,,,Every single contractor to rebuild our home screw-us out of monies,,,,,
      Now a days it is truly sad,,,how many people are just out for themselves,,,,,,,Ohh you’ll get that 1 or 2,,,out of 100 that will literally give u the shirt off their back,,,but,,jmo,,,,out of 100,,,,,,,100 should give u their shirt,,,,jmo,,maryw

    • Do you think they are bringing prescription pain medication to help the chronically ill patients in pain? If patients are already having difficulty obtaining their medications (which is happening nationwide), it would seem extra problematic after a natural disaster?

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