AG Jeff Sessions: This American War on Drugs


This American War on Drugs

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has signaled that he’d like to revamp the war on drugs. We take a look at the history of the battle, and how sensational media depictions of crack, heroin, and meth have helped fuel it. Plus: our Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook: Drugs Edition. Then, a look at how America’s first drug czar used racist propaganda to outlaw marijuana. And why the debate between treatment and law enforcement is blurrier than you might think. 1. Our Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook: Drugs Edition: a critical look at what the press gets wrong about drugs and drug addiction, featuring Dr. Debbie Dowell of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Carl Hart of Columbia University, and author Maia Szalavitz. 2. Historian Alexandra Chasin and author Johann Hari tell the story of Harry Anslinger, the man who set our seeming eternal drug war in motion, and his ruthless pursuit of jazz singer Billie Holiday. 3. University of California Santa Cruz’s Dr. Craig Reinarman examines how American presidents encouraged and harnessed hysteria around drugs for political gain. 4. Journalist Sam Quinones argues for the importance of aggressive policing in the effort to end America’s opioid crisis.

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  1. There is no medicine epidemic,,,,for opiates are a MEDICINE,,, heroin,,,is not,,,and if people are using heroin too much,,,and that is a big if,,,then its a heroin epidemic,,,not a opiate one……For me,,the government lies sooooo much,,,it is sooo corrupt,,,,,u can’t believe 1 piece of data produced by them!!!,,,,,maryw

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