How to prove MMJ has no valid medical use … cut research ?

DEA seeks to reduce federal marijuana quotas for research

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration wants to reduce the amount of marijuana and other drugs it plans to produce for research purposes.

The DEA’s goal is to decrease the amount of marijuana from 472,000 grams – about 1,040 pounds – it allotted in 2017 to 443,680 grams – about 978 pounds – for next year, according to the Denver Post.

The new quotas were released as part of the DEA’s newly proposed 2018 aggregate production quotas for substances listed on Schedules 1 and 2 of the Controlled Substances Act, which are the two most tightly controlled drug classifications. Cannabis remains a Schedule 1 substance.

The DEA is now in a 30-day comment period for the proposed changes, the Post reported.

For decades, the federal government has given the job of cultivating marijuana for research to the University of Mississippi. But last year, the government opened up the process and has received more than 20 applications, though it has been slow to act on them.

Marijuana provided by the government has drawn criticism from researchers who claim it isn’t representative of product found in medical cannabis states, according to the Post.

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  1. This is EXACTLY what they have done to us,,ie CPP,,,there is NO MONEY for research for us,,to prove our doctors original treatment for CPP’s using the MEDICINE opiates worked,,,,Exactly what their gonna try to do w.mmj,,,cut the funding for any research,,,,THIS GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT FOLKS,,,,BIG TIME,,,,ON OUR DIME… it need to be ABOLISHED AND NEW GUARDS put in to get it back to what our founding fathers fought and died for,,,They’d be shocked that the D.O.I. its not conscider’d law of the land legally.,,,,In there time,,,,ALL OUR type of MEDICINE WAS LEGAL,,AND NO DOC’S NEEDED TO GET MEDICINE to relieve physical pain,,Heck Thomas Jefferson grew his own pain medicine,,ie,,poppy flowers,,,,,So jmo,,,,its going to keep being like this until ,”we the people,”’ do something about it,,,,Stop giving them money for their cushy insurance,retirement,pay,,,,via NO MORE TAXES,,, i dont know just thinken out loud,,,but they are doing this obviously on purpose,,I mean what is the big deal about pot,,,for adults,,,there is none,,,,other than a paycheck for the dea,,,,,jmo,,maryw

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