Careful what you ask for.. insurance will offer end of life meds in place of treatment

(BIVN) – An Oahu circuit judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit asking the court to prevent existing Hawaii criminal laws from being applied to medical aid in dying practices.

In its decision, the court relied upon state legal precedent that prohibited it from issuing such relief, the state attorney general said in a media release. The attorney general opposed the suit, filing the successful motion to dismiss.

The lawsuit seemed to hinge on what the legislature would decide on the divisive matter this year. The House ended up killing the bill after it passed through the senate. From the AG’s office:

Legislation was introduced this year to legalize medical aid in dying in Hawaii and establish a regulatory process under which an adult resident of the state with a medically confirmed terminal disease may obtain a prescription for medication to be self-administered to end the patient’s life. The bill was deferred on March 23, 2017. Noting that the legislation generated 2,613 pages of testimony and comments, the court said “this underscores that the relief sought by the plaintiffs is political, not judicial, in nature and should be addressed by the political branches of government.”

Proponents of medical aid in dying have not given up. Last month during a community meeting held in Pahoa, Mountain View resident Ron Hart delivered a heart-wrenching account of the agonizing death of a friend (video above), and urged those gathered in the room to get involved with a new grassroots group.


Assisted suicide being ENCOURAGED by INSURANCE COMPANY rather than TREATMENT ?

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  1. I read the article you sourced. There is nothing other then her description of what she says happened. We have no way to ascertain anything about the truth or falsity of it. If true horrendous.

  2. this is NOT an article about something untoward . I worked in hospice and I think everyone has the RIGHT to choose how they want to go out. Its not telling people TO use the law, its giving patients the right to the SAME treatment we give our pets for gods sake. physician Assisted euthanasia for those terminally ill and suffering who want to NOT suffer should have that right. I have very specific instructions that if Im suffering in agony and dying I WANT to be given the cocktail my CATS were given. Geez….

  3. Huge difference in WANTING TO DIE, OR BEING DENIED LIFE-SUSTAINING MEDICATION, and offered a death sentence, instead of a pharma-manipulated natural plant, which is made “illegal for us to have access to ” So BIG PHARMA, INSURANCE COs, OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT PLAYS GOD WITH WHO SUFFERS, AND WHO IS ABOVE THE REST.

  4. Im not sure how the headline came to be sas unless I missed it the article stated nothing about “in place of” My father dired of ALS A friend died of cancer. The chances are the one with cancer was “snowed: at the hospice, given morphine in doses that allowed it to build up in system and effectively “kill” her. My father was totally anxious and psychologically in a terrible state. He could move only one finger. The ddoctor said I can gave him an antianxiety drug but it may cause his death because of his physical condition. He went into coma and died a few days later. For both of them wou;d it have been better to keep her in horrendous pain and him better to let him be in a state of psychological horror because there was fear death might be a side effect of the medication?
    Medical aid in dying and treatment are not mutually exclusive. To legalize one does not ineffectuate the other.

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