I am being mistreated horribly by a pharmacy

I am being mistreated horrible by a pharmacy

Chronic pain treatment.

I have several severe illnesses.







Post concussion syndrome

I am a chronic pain patient.

I am being messed with to help deal with pain. What. Can be done. I’m in so much pain , can you help.

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  1. I know I know there is a place you can contact to report things. Here lately they seem to be taking on the job of our doctors. I always thought is was against the law to do that without having a doctors license. It also may be abuse how old are you can make a difference. Don’t say your age on the computer no need to. The one thing I know is record an keep track of everyone you talk to. Get a recorder pen conversations are easier to remember when you have to write everything down ..for your memory.contact all politicians you can call and write. Mary on this site might know where to contact help for you.

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