Michael Moore … where are you ? .. the “little guy” is suffering !

Do you think the chronic pain community could get Michael Moore-the film maker to take his camera around the country and get our story out?

I am a retired federal social security examiner and a part of the story not being told is the millions of people who will now apply for social security disability due to severe pain that was controlled prior to these “new” rules.


Here is Michael Moore’s website


This person may have a point.. Michael Moore is most definitely ANTI-TRUMP and ANTI-REPUBLICAN and  PRO-LITTLE GUY..  He has a “bully pulpit” and a “bull-horn”.

         This battle for the chronic pain community has to be a personal battle.. since those in the chronic pain community are the ones that are suffering and being discriminated against.

I think that Michael Moore would have to be approached in a manner that he could “back hand” the Trump administration and/or Republican party in general…


The fact that CMS ,VA and others are adopting the CDC guidelines…. that were developed behind “closed doors” and leaks have indicated that this committee had some very well known anti-opiate advocates on it.  One that has financial ties to a group of rehab facilities.

For starters …AG Session has asked Congress to not renew the law that prohibits the DEA from going after entities within states that has made Marijuana legal https://thejointblog.com/ag-jeff-sessions-asks-congress-remove-federal-medical-marijuana-protections/   We have some THIRTY STATES that have legalized MJ and MMJ in some form.  Session appears want to ramp up the war on marijuana even though there is increasing evidence that it has certain medical benefits.

The Justice Dept should be enforcing discrimination under the Americans with Disability Act and Civil Rights Act against the chronic pain community and those who have been diagnosed with other subjective disease and have a legit medical need for controlled medications.

Chris Christie just had the first meeting yesterday of some committee on drug abuse  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/christie-to-lead-new-opioid-commission-under-trump-administration/article/2618751  It is common knowledge that Christie had a close friend from college OD…  that contributed to him  becoming a drug abuse crusader. We don’t know where this committee is going, but my money is on… that it will be in the direction of further restriction of access to opiates and other controlled medications that pts have a legit medical necessity.

Also all the state legislators that have passed opiate dosing guidelines … few – if any – legislators have a medical background and they are making medical decisions using a “cookie cutter” process and limiting pain management via edict

I did this post this other day about Cutting of pain management therapy.. turning a “maker” into a “taker”

a chronic pain pt that had moved from California to state of Washington and was being managed on 18 mg morphine equivalents and the WA doctor refused/declined to continue the therapy that was working… at such a low dose… and the person was in fear of losing his job..





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  1. I hope ALL chronic pain patients reading this post will at least attempt to contact Michael Moore. Our story is NOT being explained to the public. I am afraid our story will never get out until it is too late. This time is fast approaching. People who have known me for 30 years and know my issues always say, “but you are the exception.” I am not the exception. I am one of 100 million of us,

  2. It would be nice if he would help us.m

  3. I did email him a letter about 2 years ago,,,no reply,,,sooo???but dang,,that doesn’t mean don’t try again,,It use to be true,,the sqeaky wheel gets thei oil or something like that,,soo,,try him,,what could it hurt??ohh wait,,now a days if u are a CPP,,U COULD/WILL me forcible looked up in some klondyn warehouse,,sooo,,,,,maryw

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