Wisconsin Senate passes bills targeting opioid abuse

Wisconsin Senate passes bills targeting opioid abuse


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin state Senate has approved a pair of bills designed to help fight drug abuse and addiction.


One bill the Senate passed on a voice vote Wednesday would allow emergency and involuntary commitment for drug addicts. Supporters say that would be a tool to help put someone on the road to recovery.


The other approved would ensure that someone who overdoses would be immune from probation or parole revocation if he or she enters a treatment program. Backers say the change would encourage people to call for help in an emergency. It passed 32-1 with Republican Sen. Steve Nass voting no. He says it goes too far in granting immunity.

Both measures were sponsored by Republican Rep. John Nygren, of Marinette. They now head to Gov. Scott Walker for his consideration.

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  1. Involuntary Commitment,,” violates every single law our fore father and civil rights on this planet,,,anddddd w/this Klondike bar deeming us all addicts for taking medicine as prescribed by a medical doctors for physical pain due to medical affliction,,,WE ALL CAN NOW BE FORCIBLE LOCKED UP IN A PSYCH-WARD AGAINST OUR WILL,,,UNDER WISCONSOIN LAW,,,IE,,”,LAWFUL SANCTION,”ABUSE ,,,,,NOT TO MENTION,,,COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR OUR RITES AS MEDICALLY ILL HUMANBEINGS,,,TO HAVE ACCESS TO EFFECTIVE MEDICAL ,WOW,,,,,VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AS WELL!!!maryw

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