Pharmacist: practicing medicine without a license or believing he is a DEITY ?

After a couple of weeks of doing the pharmacy crawl, we finally found a pharmacy to fill my fiance’s prescriptions. This happened about 4 years ago but this pharmacist said…….yes, he would fill XXX’s prescriptions BUT….he was cutting his methadone by a third. AND he was changing his Oxycodone 60 mg to morphine 30 mg IR. Plus cutting those from 240 to 120. He said he doesn’t sell Oxycodone at his pharmacy, and also…..exact words….if we didn’t like it we could go somewhere else. Where? We’d been searching for 2 weeks for the 5th time! I also know for a fact that he DOES sell Oxycodone, BUT he only sells them to cash paying customers. That way he can increase the price ALOT, because he can’t with Medicare customers. Just insuring drug dealers have plenty and screw the actual suffering patient!

This email and “sad story” shows not only DENIAL OF CARE but is busting/violating so many rules/regulations and/or contractual obligation.

  • A pharmacist CANNOT change a C-II prescription even if the doctor has been called and the doctor agrees to a change.
  • A pharmacy is obligated by the contract that it has with a PBM (Prescription Benefit Manager) to fill prescriptions for the quantity written.. the Pharmacist cannot change the quantity to be dispensed
  • Changing Oxycodone 60 mg to Morphine 30 mg and cutting the quantity in HALF.. is like giving the pt – in Morphine equivalents –  about 1/6 of what was prescribed.
  • Likewise, he cut the pt’s Methadone quantity to 1/3 of what was prescribed.

This independent pharmacy is in FLORIDA and I can’t be positive but I believe that I have heard of this pharmacy/Pharmacist before and some/many of the shenanigans that he pulls on chronic pain pts… but …. since I am not sure.. I will not repeat what I have heard/been told previously.

This is another example of a good reason to do a recording audio/video of all interactions with healthcare providers.. This is another example of why pts should make a copy of their written prescription that they are given and compare it to the particulars of the prescription that you are given… both in medication, strength, quantity and directions.

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  1. PSS, I also think is will help ,”the cause for”’
    Morgan to take our case,,,,if Doctors also called in for wrongful cases ,or loosing patients due to this stupid,inhumane guidelines,,U know thinken out loud,,as we all know,,they moved the weakest pain MEDICINE up to #2 schedule,,they claimed for safety reason,,jmo,,it was to get worse felony charges on doctors,,,but the very FACT THAT the weakest pain meds were the most prescribed SHOWS,,, our doctors did exactly the right thing,,,by starting w/the lowest dosage possible,,,,GOD I HOPE THEY TAKE OUR CASE!!!!,, we gave sooo much evidence against this government!maryw

  2. This is do aggravating
    Pharmacists and doctors used be on a team helping patients
    Everyone is terrified
    Avoiding inquisitions.

    • My doctor,,pain management doc,,ie anastetheiologist[sp],,,,since 1995,,,,turned on a dime 6 month ago,,,blaming primaries,,,me,,,and my pharmacist,,,,,When they /we use to work as a team,,together,,,
      Like I have said before,,my P.M…doctor ,,his 1st born son,,,followed in his footprints,,and is doing his last years of his degree as a anesthtiologist w/surgeries,,,no pain management facilities left,or not hiring,,,u would think,,he would fight back on this whole mess for his son’s sake??????he is terrified,,,freaken terrified,,,of the dea,,,,,,maryw

  3. This is once again soo wrong on EVER LEVEL,,, but let me guess,,this innocent person who is medically ill,,has been for a long time,,like all of us,,,thus has no monies for a attorney,,,and I am even thinken now a days,,I have dealt w/corrupt judges,,,I bet now a days,,they would side w/the pharmacist!!!!!!

  4. Crooked people hurting others. They need to hold up signs and march on this place. He really upsets me.

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