Cutting of pain management therapy.. turning a “maker” into a “taker”

I have chronic back pain and hereditary migraines. I had been taking fiornal w/ codeine when I lived in California. During my worst month I was at 120 pills. And I had been managing my pain with that drug for probably 26 years.

 I recently moved to Washington state and the pain management clinic dropped me to 5mg fioricet. This is completely insufficient. I am literally at risk of losing my job because I’m paralyzed with pain.

What can I do?


Fiorinal with Codiene has 30 mg of Codeine in each capsule… so using those “fussy math” opiate conversion table… this pt was getting morphine equivalents of 18 mg/day..

The only difference between Fiorinal and Fioricet is that the former has Aspirin in it and the latter has Acetaminophen (Tylenol) in it..

So this pain clinic changed this pt’s medication and basically dropping the (fairly low dose of) Codeine from the pt’s pain management.

Since he is employed and this pain clinic’s decisions – plan of treatment – causes him to lose his job… then that is monetary damages and some law firm may be willing to sue for monetary damages.

Apparently this pt has documentation was to what was working for him and this pain clinic has made a intentional decision to cut the Codeine out of his therapy and could cause the pt to lose his job.

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  2. This is a bad state for caring people. Pain clinics oh dear in Washington. I have heard such awful stories from people. I started to go to one. The way they talked to me befor I got in the door changed my mind. No way will I give someone my money let them talk to me the way they did . They are not going to abuse me and take my money. They seem to run a business of in the front door out the back door. They have people lined up. You have to push them when you talk to them about what they do. Then the colors seem to show.
    Don’t give up keep trying to find a doctor. I do know what you are going through. It hurts. Please don’t give up.

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