Astro-turf .. what goes on behind closed doors ?

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Have you ever notice that anytime somebody wants to get something changed.. it normally involves two things MONEY .. donated to a political campaign or MONEY to pay a law firm to file a lawsuit.

President Trump tried to put a temporary ban on immigrants from a handful of middle east countries and Attorney Generals from two different states – challenged his executive orders in the courts.

Cities, counties and states have filed lawsuits against the three major drug wholesalers for the “opiate epidemic” in their particular geographic areas. They are suing business entities that do not sell any products directly to the general public. Their customer base is pharmacies, hospitals and the like.

Cherokee Nation sues pharmaceutical companies over opioid abuse

The DEA uses laws and their interpretation of the laws (Control Substance Act 1970) to intimidate healthcare providers and my money is on the fact that many of those interpretations are actually UNCONSTITUTIONAL… but until someone challenges their constitutionality in our court system the DEA will continue to apply and enforce those laws. Keeping the 81 billion that funds the war on drugs is a pretty good incentive to maintain the status quo. A lot of paychecks are being covered with that money.

We know that there are numerous drug/alcohol treatment centers that are supporting various anti-opiate groups. Members of Congress have proposed laws that would encourage treating “addicts” with a C-III medication (suboxone) and letting them be dependent on that medication rather than being dependent on a C-II legal medication.

Those 45 million Alcoholics, 35 million Nicotine addicts, 2.1 million opiate addicts and the 100+ million chronic pain pts are just “conduits” for a whole array of business to make money.

Two things that the chronic pain community has in common is under/untreated pain and a LACK OF UNITY.  Just look at the hundreds – or thousands – of Face Book pages devoted to pain and/or disease where pain is a major component.

You can also divide the chronic pain community into to groups.. those that have had their pain management meds cut and those that have yet to have their pain management meds cut.

How many chronic pain pts have contacted a law firm about suing some entity that is adversely impacting their quality of life ?… and a equal number have received a “NOT INTERESTED”… and because someone who is handicapped/disabled, elderly, unemployable… in our legal system… the value of their life is “very little” so there is no financial upside for the law firm to take the case on a contingency basis.  It has been estimated that 90% of the families with a chronic pain pt… is struggling financially because one spouse can’t work and/or the cost of therapy.

Congress is currently considering a CAP on medical malpractice lawsuits damages at 250,000.. just about ensuring that no law firm will take on a case on a contingency basis.  After all about 40% of Congress is attorneys.. they know what they are doing and who they are doing it to.

IMO, nothing is going to change until those in the chronic pain community gets their act together – UNIFY – create a non profit to create a legal defense fund..  With a 100 million chronic pain pts… it wouldn’t take much effort to create a legal defense fund with 5-10-15 million and I can assure you that if the chronic pain community approaches a major law firm with that much money behind them… you won’t hear “NOT INTERESTED”…


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  1. What kind of a retainer would be needed for a Disability or Constitutional lawyer?

  2. Join our group dedicated tofigting this inhumane BS. Fighting for pain patients rights on facebook!

  3. Tell me how, and I will tell others. I will contribute what I can as I know others in our situation will. Every government agency I have contacted, just passes the buck. The “public” defenders, private lawyers, local congressman, local assemblyman, NYS commissioner of mental health, county commissioner, disability advocates, ……….human rights watch, ……all say they can’t help with medication “issues”, as if we are the tiny minority. Most of us ARE EMPLOYABLE if given adequate and authentic medication. My story is like many others on your blog. WHO- in their right mind would want to exist in this ever-escalating hell; acquiring more diseases and chronic PTSD as the months go by. Few are immune from our situation. I have a lot to offer. I just need my LEGITIMATE and authentic pain, and ADHD medication; then I can, at least function enough to find and gather support from the ever-increasing PTSD community.
    I need to be able to articulate with a clear head, and be able to get out of bed to build my strength up. My life has plunged into a downward spiral since the reform, “shortages”, and intense ptsd triggering “private” therapy model. Shell-shocked in every way, with heavy metals added to the mix. I know this situation is even greater than anyone may imagine, considering the damage from technology misuse and abuse; I can’t go there in my situation, as what I believe to be true is so outrageous as to set anyone over the edge, no-less those of us with chronic-illness, poor, isolated, and abused without any support. Just the fact that I’m still alive and hanging-on by a hair of hope says a-lot. I’m outraged by the ignorance, cruelty, and the large amount of “humans”, [when given immunity from lawsuits or persecution resulting in death or injury to certain populations by our government], for their participation in this holocaust.
    This is the scariest of all. The amount of people who are consciously involved in committing horrific crimes against humanity, just because they wont be held accountable by “parts” of our government. 7 pharmacists have admitted this to me. People in many fields are being “trained” to lack empathy, compassion, and common sense of what is basically wrong. The extreme secrecy of this “open” government is an example. A new neurology flyer in the mailbox advertising workshops on how to spot a person with “issues towards authority figures”; the new social security recertification application asks a similar question “Do you have issues with those in authority” ?

    I have issues with human and civil rights disappearing, and being terrorized and tortured without my consent.

    • I totally hear you and hope you are still with us as so many have given up the daily battle with pain. You are a compassionate human being as am I and that’s why it’s so hard to wrap our minds around this inhumane agenda. I’m not sure how but this needs to be challenged.

  4. Again Steve is correct,,,,there was a movie I loved to watch called Son’s of Liberty,,,,as Sam Adams stated,,,its not a matter of if,,,it is a matter of when they take your meds,,,,,and only by unity,,lawsuit and hard work ontop of endureing our physical pain,,[normally this is enough],,,but now a days in this inhumane government it is not,,,we have to fight back,,organize,,use the internet like they do,,,spread our forced suffering around,,,video it,,pictures of it,,if we got together w/pictures,video’s,,of our FORCED SUFFERING,,,i AM SURE MR.AREINS WOULD RUN IT,,, ,,,keep bothering the ACLU’S ,,,i am,,we would turn this torture and genocide around,,,for it is in the hearts of mankind,,,that alll wars our won!!!maryw

  5. How to unify? Everyone knows this but how to get everyone together? Are there too many individual pain groups out there, should they merge into one? Any suggestions from anyone? We really need to do this. This enforced suffering has got to stop.

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