Prescribers – damned if you do… damned if you don’t

Got a call yesterday from a friend – 63 y/o male.. who has been reluctant to see doctors and more reluctant to take medication(s).

SURPRISE… his blood pressure is high, as is his cholesterol… So the doc wants him to take two different medications..

My friend starts rebelling against taking medication… the doc told him that if “they” reviewed his files and it showed that the doc did not offer treatment for those two conditions… the doc could be charged with MALPRACTICE.

I know that CMS has increased focus on pts getting and taking medications for diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure… but this fellow is still employed and has insurance thru his company… outside of CMS’ over sight.


Is it time for chronic pain pts to start “rocking the boat”.. when a prescriber tells you that they are cutting your pain meds .. tell them that you are going to cut your meds for hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol in a similar amount as your pain meds… if your pain deserves less treatment.. why not your other medications/conditions ?

CMS has this FIVE STAR RATING in which insurance companies, prescribers, pharmacies are having their feet held to the fire about their pts not being compliant with the medications to treat those specific disease.  If their pts are non-complaint… their reimbursements will GET REDUCED !

They tell you that they are concerned about losing their license… in reality they don’t care about their license.. they care about the income that their license allows them to generate.  Share your “pain” with them !

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  1. That sounds like a good plan! Anytime we can hit them in the wallet there is a better chance of them listening!
    I have been doing a lot of teaching the public about what is happening. Most people don’t even know about it! So much for the government getting the word out to the general public! I guess the only thing that gets taught is how many addicts are dying.

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