Thunder Over Louisville – if you like fireworks

Thunder Over Louisville

Those of us who live in the Louisville KY area – locally  known as Kentuckiana. This Saturday (April 22nd).. the beginning of the Kentucky Derby Festival is referred to as THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE

It is promoted as the largest fireworks display in the country.. This is the 27th year.  For those of you who like fireworks… this is abt 30 minutes of nearly continuous fireworks.. They move about 10 barges into the middle of the Ohio river filled with fireworks.


To some, it’s the official kick-off to the Kentucky Derby Festival. To others, it’s the unofficial beginning of spring. But to all, it’s simply one of the largest annual fireworks shows in North America and the setting for some of the most memorable moments you’ll ever share.

Now in its 27th year, Thunder Over Louisville continues to deliver a pyrotechnics spectacular like no other. Created as the Opening Ceremonies of the Kentucky Derby Festival, it offers an explosive kick-off to three entire weeks of celebration in Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana. With an estimated average attendance of half a million people, it has become the largest annual event in its region. The show continues to be the largest annual pyrotechnics display in North America thanks to the artistry of Zambelli Internationale and the production of Visual Presentations.  this is the local TV channel that has the exclusive rights to broadcast the entire day.. which starts  at 3PM EDT for the air show and the fireworks start at abt 9:30 PM EDT.

Best viewed… get your large HD TV and turn out all the lights in the room… just like being there.. except it won’t take you hours to get to your car and deal with the traffic gridlock as anywhere from 0.5 – 1 million people try to leave the river front on both sides of the Ohio River to get home.

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