14 million will lose healthcare coverage

It is amazing that everyone in the media and many in Congress has their “shorts in a wad”.. all based on a CBO projection whose estimates have been way off the mark previously, especially when they under estimated the cost of ACA(Obamacare) by ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

Of course, even with the implementation of the ACA we had some THIRTY MILLION that still does not have health insurance.

They have claimed that 36,000 thousand/yr could die if ACA is repealed https://thinkprogress.org/heres-how-many-people-could-die-every-year-if-obamacare-is-repealed-ae4bf3e100a2#.gyr66uwt4

A recent survey released by Pain News Network   Survey Finds CDC Opioid Guidelines Harming Patients    that one year after the CDC opiate dosing guidelines, 70% of chronic pain pts have had their pain medication reduced or eliminated by their prescriber.

No media wide OUTRAGE… exploring all the millions of acute and chronic pain pts that would not receive adequate medical care ?  No estimated “death toll”.

Does this suggest that those with acute/chronic pain are really just considered “second class citizens” ?


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  1. It is terrifying and devastating to the pain community. Those so called “guidelines” have sent many to the streets or worse suicide! I truly believe that it was the corrupt governments intentions to do just that! They have heard feom many of us and the devastation being done to the chronically ill and thy co tinue to turn thier backs. Boy I woukd love to find out just how many in the government and or thier loved ones take opiods for relief. How many of them are alcoholics or amoke!?!? Those two alone kill way more people than LEGALLY prescribed opiods! And not one word about it. I have a friend in the hosp right now, recording her stay and I was in tears just listening to the torturous hell she is being given! This is unacceptable!!!!

  2. Is an scary thought since I heard about the ACA reappealin and I’m so afraid my husband and I will get even worse … Things started to changed bad after the CDC and FDA laws and now is more than we can handle
    Fear is now making us feeling worse

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