DEA Grown Marijuana Looks Like Oregano & Fails Mold, Yeast & Lead Tests

shit weedDEA Grown Marijuana Looks Like Oregano & Fails Mold, Yeast & Lead Tests

Since 1970, the University of Mississippi has been growing government-funded weed for medical/clinical studies on cannabis. Turns out: that “weed” looks more like oregano than actual weed!

These pics are actually real life. Last April, the government handed Dr. Sue Sisley a $2 million grant to study medical marijuana’s effect on PTSD. Sisley got that weed delivered last fall–but then she saw the weed looked like this aka nothing anyone who smokes weed in this millennium has ever touched:

So she sent that weed for lab tests–tests that promptly found levels of yeast, mold, and lead in the samples:

“It didn’t resemble cannabis. It didn’t smell like cannabis,” Sisley says. What’s more, laboratory testing found that some of the samples were contaminated with mold, while others didn’t match the chemical potency Sisley had requested for the study.

There’s only one source of marijuana for clinical research in the United States. And “they weren’t able to produce what we were asking for,” Sisley says. [PBS]

Long story short, Sisley ended up giving this weed to veterans with PTSD in mid-January. She didn’t exactly have a choice: she can’t substitute real high-grade weed for this crap (8% THC!) and keep her grant or have the grant be used for an actual medical study.

But anyone that’s ever seen Half Baked let along smoked a doobie knows that these two things are not alike:

                     Medical Marijuana                                            Government “Marijuana”


Talcum powder. Oregano. Schwag. Brick weed. Butt hair. Whatever you want to call it, Sisley is right: this stuff isn’t what anyone should be smoking–let alone our government using to base clinical studies on marijuana that might determine the plant’s medical value for the future.

It’s embarrassing that the effing government–with all that money–grows worse weed than most people grow in their closets. It’s an abortion.

Maybe NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) and the DEA hired a Mexican cartel to oversee their program because this looks far more like Mexican brick weed than it does high-grade medical marijuana.

I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my day, and I haven’t smoked weed that looks like this does…maybe ever. Sure, in high school or in Mexico I smoked some suspect, stemmy/seedy plant…but it’s been at least a decade since I saw anything that came close to this level of pathetic.

Note to the DEA: hire a real grower!


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  1. Oh boy. That does look like the old Mexican leftovers. Get it right, government. There are lots of good, knowledgable growers out there!

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