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  1. Rather than being so concerned about opiate related addiction/death how about more focus on preventable medication errors caused by overwhelmed and understaffed chain pharmacies? Or is there too much PAC money involved?

  2. Yes the question we all want to know What will happen to people in pain and the doctors who are afraid to help us because of the bullies that rule over them. How did it ever come to this. With not one law they made up a law and threatened the people of this country. They don’t have the right. Until we learn to stand up for ourselves nothing will change.

  3. What is going to happen to the chronic pain patients under the Trump administration? Doctors will not treat us properly due to the asinine CDC guidelines that lump drug addicts in with legit chronic pain patients. I am in pain every day from 6 different chronic and autoimmune diseases. I’ve seen 5 doctors in the past year. I have a Facebook support page for people like me. Some people get help and some don’t. Some people are blessed to live in states where alternative medicines are available and legal. In my state of Alabama, we don’t have the marijuana or kratom option that we need desperately. When will that happen for our state? Our Senators and Representative have to get these alternative medicines legal for us here in Alabama because our medical community has failed us. People are dying; committing suicide because of the CDC guidelines causing doctors to be terrified to treat their own patients. I should know. I had one doctor get rid of all his pain patients and another doctor get shut down my the DEA. Both of these doctors left hundreds of patients who have lupus, neuropathy, spinal diseases, MS, fibromyalgia, several types of arthritis, cancer, etc. in desperate pain, flooding ERs (who refuse to treat pain patients) and yes….. buying the same medications their doctors had them on off the street. WHAT IS GOING TO BE DONE TO CHANGE THIS, PRESIDENT TRUMP? We need help.

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