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  1. This is good idea. I wouldn’t give my personal information if people are concerned about privacy but certainly he should be made aware of the problems at hand with medication. Tell him about all the groups with thousands of people on Facebook who are suffering. Tell him the true facts backing it up with the correct data and stats. Tell him about the biased CDC panel and what FDA has done. There’s plenty to share with him that doesn’t give away your privacy information.
    I don’t understand how anyone can complain about the situation if they’re not willing to talk to him. After all he is THE president for the next 4 yrs.
    If he doesn’t know the facts? Then live with it and stop complaining.
    Only taking action will help to shed any light to the problems.

  2. How can one believe where the videos are going and how they will be used ……

  3. Unfortunately there’s no talking to Trump. Any video from me would not set well with him and it best I don’t post anything from myself for the chronic pain community. My Anger about other issues will come out and it may hurt those who actually have something to say to him about chronic pain and medications. So it’s best if I personally bow out of this one so I don’t damage the pain issue.

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