Heads I win … Tails you lose…

There is a lot of talk recently about employees using social media or other internet media and expressing their opinions about the company their work for or some other company. Some companies have implemented policies that negates what some believes is their rights under the first amendment.

What is interesting is that they are using the ability to unilaterally change the company’s policies and procedures. What is also interesting is that there are a lot of things in these same policies and procedures books that the companies chose to ignore.. and because the vast majority of employees fail to read/understand what is in these policies and procedures manuals.

I would also suspect that the vast majority of corporations that have implemented such a policy just didn’t put in the manual and not tell anyone… most likely they sent out a memo, email or wanted employees each to sign off on this change… This should point out to all employees that what is in the P&P is IMPORTANT TO THE CORPORATION … when it protects them… They also probably have on file a signed paper where you acknowledged that you received a copy of the P&P or that they notified you the web address of where it was at.  If you don’t read it… it is not their fault… you have been provided or told… where their rules are… so that when you break a rule or they decide that they want to “get rid of you”.. they can find something in P&P to justify your dismissal… which also protects them from having to  pay unemployment.

If you get the impression that your employment is just a “game” … you could be right… and without reading/understanding the P&P manual and your rights under the company’s rules.. at some point .. you will lose at this game…

The same practice act “rules” will apply to you – particularly if you are a PIC – as those of the P&P rules… if management encourages you to disregard/break the practice act. You get to appear before the BOP and they continue on with business as usual.


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  1. I understand where you are coming from. If corporate wants to get rid of you, then they will probably out you under the microscope and wait for you to slip up somewhere. You probably rubbed someone the wrong way too many times, and they were your superior. I do think that corporate does kind of slip in papers and documentation for you to sign, and you have no clue that you are signing your rights away. It is up to the employee to read the policies and procedures, especially in these desperate times.

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