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  1. If any group has witnessed this government organized crime in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s us!

  2. I strongly encourage all of you, especially Steve, to Google-In Candace Pert; [only one to have discovered the brains opiate receptor] She spoke at the NIH, and was in process to launch her own ?pharmacy” She suddenly Died, as were so many people who had info to help us heal. Wilhelm Reich, Tesla, Hulga Clark…[The Cancer Cure]………Bottom line is some DON’T WANT US TO HEAL!

  3. The Government, Big Pharma, Insurance Cos, ….Elite, ARE MKULTRA, . They want us sick and unable to organize. They are very Good at brainwashing, “special Effects” and creating chaos and distraction from what is happening on the “top” level.

  4. JMO,,,,”OUR” government isn’t far behind from being a organized crime syndicate either,,,MANY,MANY ,MANY government officials are doing thee exact same thing big pharmo has done,,maryw

  5. An excellent follow-up on this clip would be a reading of “Psychiatry Under the Influence – Institutional Corruption, Social Harms, and Prescriptions for Change”. Available on Amazon. This book documents the many instances in which Big Pharma has bribed academicians and practitioners to support psychoactive drugs whose side effects are frequently disabling or even fatal. Thus far, however, even fines of hundreds of millions of dollars have failed to deter the continuation of exactly the same behaviors. I suspect that this pattern will continue until we are successful in setting aside the liability protections provided by corporate law, to send entire Boards of Directors to jail on charges of fraud and accessory to fraud.

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