Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

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is a mental disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, warfare, traffic collisions, or other threats on a person’s life.

If you notice part of the definition is WARFARE… and chronic pain pts are unwillingly participants in the war on drugs. There is basically three different groups involved in this war… the DOJ/DEA, healthcare providers, patients.

Of course, the DOJ/DEA is the AGGRESSOR ! … and unfortunately being funded by the other two participants – via their taxes.

I recently posted about a chronic pain pt who was a victim of a prescriber’s office being raided/ shut down by the DEA and committed suicide   Just another STATISTIC of the WAR ON DRUGS ? how many suicides goes unreported ?

They had to classify it as a SUICIDE… because he was found with TWO BULLET WOUNDS (one on each side of his head) and TWO GUNS in his lap…. I guess it was nearly impossible to classify this as a “opiate related death”.

I got a fairly disturbing phone call today from a disabled senior citizen. Lives in a very rural state and not a lot of healthcare provider options. Over several months, the pt’s PCP – who had been seeing the pt for YEARS ) had been reducing the pt’s opiate doses over several months until the pt only had enough medication to have SOME PAIN RELIEF for abt 6 hrs a day… the rest of the day the pt ended up in bed… suffering in pain.

Yesterday, the pt called the PCP and said that the pt could no longer deal with the majority of the day in PAIN and was not sure if the pt could continue to live like this…

Shortly afterwards, two local COPS showed up at the pt’s front door … being told to take the pt … to the local hospital… Reluctantly the pt went with them.. and the compassionate healthcare providers in the ER.. would only suggest that the pt SEE A PSYCHIATRIST  and discharged the pt.

Fortunately, the PCP has expressed concern – about time – and the pt has an appt – pt had to wait ALMOST A WEEK TO BE SEEN BY THE PCP… and the PCP stated that he was going to change/increase the amount of opiates that he would provide the pt.  I remain skeptical until I talk to the pt next week after the PCP appt.

How many chronic pain pts – who is having their opiates reduced – or have been “tossed to the curb” because the DEA has raided/shutting down a prescriber office.. that could be diagnosed as having PTSD ?

Is this just pt/senior abuse/torture …. denial of appropriate care … or your basic human rights violation…  Remember our society’s OUTRAGE when some things were released of how the TERRORISTS in GITMO were “mistreated “.

Apparently the Geneva Convention protections only applies when two or more nations are at war… doesn’t apply to CIVIL WARS… which would seem to be what the WAR ON DRUGS IS…



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  1. Entities like the organized crime families/cadres/cartels and the religion driven militant-extremist groups force their will on the population within their domain by utilizing terror tactics, by making people afraid if there are acts of defiance or unwillingness to give these groups what they seek. Whether it be the bullet riddled body of a snitch or a public place with blood and body parts strewn over a public area as a result of a suicide bomber, the one common quality is the same. Both use the fear of reprisal and the unpredictability of how and when the next act of violence, whether concentrated on one who was deliberately targeted or against a whole group of folks at random.

    I submit that our government is no different when all the pleasantries and facades are stripped away. “Do as we say or we will make a public example of you.” There is no discussion. There is no reasonable consideration given to the sizable number of people who are injured or killed as a result of the kinds of policy that impede one human being from compassionately relieving the suffering of another. The DEA and its allies are a state sponsored terrorist group, pure and simple.

    I was raised with the sensibility that if I always told the truth and did the right thing, i would never find myself in trouble. How’s that working out for those who practice the same philosophy in treating chronic pain? This is just one example of why I see the law as the lowest metric and the ideas of Ethics and Morals as higher standards. The State can create a law that proscribes or prescribes any behavior; yet such laws less and less find their roots in the higher standards of Ethics and Morals. We are being painted into a corner and the time is now here that we as a people push back and revoke our consent to be ruled over in this matter. How do we do this. As one unified voice, we simply state “NO! NO MORE!” and employ nonviolent means while that is still an option. I know that’s easier said than done. The other option is to become accustomed to wearing chains, manacles and shackles. It’s much easier to resist when one’s extremities are not restrained. Something to think about.

    • IE,,”When any form of government becomes destructive,abusive,inhumane w/their ,”just power,” derived from the governed,,it is our rite,,our duty to Alter or abolish it..When any government evinces by designe the same object to reduce its citizens to absolute DESPOTISM,, it is our rite,our duty,,to find new guards for a safety and welfare,”’A delaration stated and written 240 years ago,,yet its meaning still holds true today,,,,,,,,It called the Declaration of Independence,,,mary

  2. Exactly Mr.Areins,,,w/50 % of doctors stopping opiates,and treating chronic physical pain people,,,where do u think these 50 % are??They are either dead or forced into klondyne rehabs,,,,now,,being a cpp,,,u know dam well,,,once u get that rehab on your medical records,,U WILL NEVER EVER SEEE ANOTHER OPIATE MEDICINE FOR PHYSICAL PAIN IN OUR LIFE TIME!!..these cpp people are given no other choice but rehab or death,,,,once they go into these rehab w/the promise of medicine,,,they get psychiatric meds,,not pain meds,,,thus they are forced to endure their physical pain w/nothing..Im tellen u,,this was concocted and designed by klondyn,,,what a better way to fill his pockets…putten heroin is the same category as my medicine,,which its not,,Convince are oxygen deprived government their fighting the war on drugs when they are in reality forcing physical pain and death,,ie torture and genocide onto the medically ill.We designed PAIN MEDICINE for a reason..because we were suppose to be becoming MORE CIVILIZED AS A SOCETY,,MORE HUMANE TOWARDS OUR FELLOW MAN..BARBARICLY FORCING PEOPLE TO ENDURE THE PHYSICAL PAIN IS ARCHAIC,,AND NOT HUMANE…THUS WHY WE DESIGNED MEDICINE TO LESSEN THE PHYSICAL SUFFERING…TO BECOME A HUMANE CIVILIED SOCEITY,,
    .When I got the responds from the U.N,,they agree’d what our government is doing is torture,,,but the U.N has no legal authority over America,,,and they know it!!!America has threaten to pull all there monies given to the U.N..if the U.N dis agree/s w/them..They did this when the W.H,O. did that study of recreational use of NATURAL plants like marijuana,coca and poppy ,,use by adults was not harmful..The U.S threaten the U.N if they published the w.h.o’s. report and agreed w/the w.h.o…they[u.s.a. government] would pull all funding to the U.N.
    That factual story u put out about the 58 year old man being forced to use death,,I forwarded that to the D.O.J.,,W/ A LETTER attached to the foreward…telling them exactly the points u point out here 2 days ago,,I asked my congress,men for a box on all death certificates for ,”death due to untreated physical pain,,”’ I was told ,”prove it,,by Tammybaldwin,,,,THEY PURPOSEDLY WANT NO LEGAL RECORDS OF OUR DEATHS DUE TO UNTREATE PHYSICAL PAIN,,, THEY WANT no legal record of it!!,,, again I will forward this article Mr.Arems….w/ a very long comment attached to it,,to the d.o.j….My hubby is a little nervous about me calling out the d.o.j and the dea,,soo if I disappear,,u know why,,,But DAMMIT,,, their killing us literally,,they are forcing humanbeings to suffer soo bad,,they choose death to stop it..As I have repeated before,,,in a very important document ,,written by our founding fathers,,it states,,,”when any form of government becomes destructive,abusive w/their just powers derived from the governed, it is our RITE our DUTY to alter or abolish it..When any form of government evinces by design the same object to reduce its citizens to absolute DESPOTISM ,, it is our rite to find new guards for our safety ad security,”’….If willfully torturing the medically ill,and causeig death onto the group of cpp humanbeings defind as genocide is not abuse,,,then I don’t know what is,,IT IS ABUSE by our government it is abuse of their ,”just power DERIVED FROM THE GOVERN’D,, and we as a people have a rite and a duty to alter,abolish and find new guards for safety and security..Hell.,,,, I will stand w/our founding fathers,,Adams,Jefferson,,Washington,,,all odf them and their founding morals,pronciples they had fought and diued for..The ones they intended for our country,,it may sound corny,,,but ill stand w/them over this corrupt head up their ass’s government any minute of the day,,mary

  3. Steve, unfortunately and as you probably know much more about it then I do, pain patients taking their own lives will more than likely become a common practice, and that’s not only sad, but criminal. As the DEA/DOJ and their affiliates in local law enforcement take down more and more doctors who treat chronic pain this statistic will grow. As a chronic pain sufferer, I can assure you that the thought of suicide has crossed my mind on several occasions, especially when my pain is totally unbearable even with my medications. I honestly have to dig down deep to muster up the courage Not to pull the trigger and no one should EVER have to feel like this. The thoughts that go through my mind when I’m feeling suicidal are very emotional and mixed at the same time.
    My first thought is always, “How should I do it”? And that’s when different methods start entering my mind.
    Should I hang myself? No because if my neck doesn’t break I’ll just flop around until I strangle myself to death or someone saves me before I die.
    Should I go to the streets and find some of that Fentanyl laced heroin? No because I will be accused of being a drug addict instead of a pain sufferer trying to escape.
    What if I shoot myself? No because if I miss my mark I could just wound myself and live out the rest of my days either tied to a bed and still in pain or in a coma.
    That’s when the reality of it all sets in and I stop only thinking about myself and think of how it would effect my family.
    My first thought is how could I make it look like an accident so my wife will be able to afford to have a funeral? So I think about driving my car into a river or tree. Then what happens if I just injure myself and end up being more of a burden?
    Then my next question is, who is going to find me? I can’t let it be my wife.
    That’s when my senses come back to me and I say to myself. ” I can’t do it, there’s no way I could ever hurt my wife like that. There is no possible way I could leave her alone and break her heart like that, I love her way too much. Even though I’m only a financial burden anymore, and we are forced to live paycheck to paycheck because of all my doctors appointments and the costs of my prescription medications every month, I could never abandon her, I could never tax her with that type of emotional stress. I could never leave her all alone after all she has done for me”.
    I know it’s hard, but we all have to remember that both our lives and our deaths will always effect others. The only way we are alone is if we allow ourselves to be.

    • not to mention life insurer’s will not pay out for suicides,just fyi,my hubby knows,,when that time comes,,when my medicine/my doctor is forcible taking away from me,,,he understands,,he does want to watch me suffer every day either,,,he understands when death is a better option then living,,,,mary

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