Another state governor assumes the authority to practice medicine without a license ?

Gov. Ducey order limits opioids for Arizona employees


congressstupidVermont Governor Proposes Limits on Painkiller Prescriptions

I guess that the Gov of Arizona has never hear of The Americans with Disability Act that provides certain accommodations in the work place.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Monday issued an executive order limiting opioid prescriptions for employees insured through the State of Arizona and individuals insured through the state’s Medicaid program, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

The order limits the first fill of prescription opioids to seven days and limits all fills for children, except those suffering from cancer, chronic disease or traumatic injury, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

“This action is essential to help prevent future drug addictions,” Ducey said in a prepared statement.

“The numbers are staggering. In 2015, 401 people in Arizona – more than 1 a day – died from prescription opioid overdoses. And in 2013 there were enough prescription pain medications dispensed to medicate every adult in Arizona around the clock for two weeks.”


Ducey signed the order Monday on the Capitol lawn. The signing is part of national Red Ribbon Week, focusing on drug prevention.


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  1. Well excel;lent ??,,,,why won’t thee aclu’s help us??No private attorney will help us,,,for none of us have the money,,,we are poor,,,from our illness,,,U would think,,,companies like Cardinal Health,,or any of the pharmaceutical companies that have been unlawfully sued would help pay for a attorney,,,or any of the pain management doctors who were wrongfully destroyed by our government lies /trump up charges etc,,,but no,,,many doctors have just quit,he field of pain management instead of fighting w/us,,but jmo,,,the money from anyone of those entities would get a attorney..Some doctors start blaming us,,,as usual,,,some are just cowards,,,mines a coward,,,,Many patients who still have their medicines,,are also cowards,,,Ive got mine sooo screw the rest,,,Don’t tell me any member of our government who needs medicines every day to function aint getten their meds??!!!!!But heres the other truth to those who still have their meds,,,U WILL NOT HAVE THEM FOR LONG,,,,IT IS EXACTLLY WHAT DR.IBSEN SAID LAST YEAR,,,,THEY WANT OPIATES GONE,,THEY WANT PAIN MANAGEMENT GONE,,BY REGULATING OUR DOCTORS AND OUR MEDS SOO MUCH,,,THEY QUIT!!KLONDYN HAS STARTED ALL THIS W/HIS PENNHURST MENATLITY,,,KLODYN IS THE TRUE DEFINITION OF PSYCOPATH,,,HE WOULD FIT RITE IN W/ALLL THE PENNHURST DOCTORS,,,GET RID OF KLODYNE,,AND THIS PROHIBTION SLOWS TO A CRAWL,,,,KINDA LIKE CUTTING THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE OFF…Their are people in this world that deserve every ounce of cruelity another human being can dish out,,like Jeffrey Dahmers,,Son of Sam,,Mansion,,,,,and klondyne is one of those people,,his psychosis combines w/his position of power has allowed him to fullfill every psychotic behaviors onto innocent medically ill humane being who have chronic pain due to medical illness..we need another cbs crew to go into these so-called rehabs w/a.under cover camera,,and film the forced endurement of physical pain this man has committed to all thos forced off their medicines for physical pain,,heck i’d voluinteeer for the job.
    They only entities with enough clout,,willing to help us getting a human rites lawyer are those outside of our country.,,sadly,,,,sickening aint it!!!!!!!!!!!where has humanity gone?????mary

  2. where is the aclu of Arizona,,,,i have written mine here in Wisco,,preparing for what my ,,”state insurance,” has up its sleeve for my MEDICINE,,,,,we will see,,,,,A new Director of the aclu here THANK GOD,,this Inter-American Humane Rights Council will conscider sueing a the Federal Government,,, BUT not a local state government,,,the Klondyn propaganda paid for by our tax dollars has done its job convincing the public are opiate medicine is no different then street drugs,,,,sadly,,,,I hear in new York u have billboards w/heroin being on the same level as our medicine BY exploiting children,,,that use to be against the law???why is it now legal???mary

    • Why can’t many join together in sueing . Better in numbers . I wish everyone would get together across the US and do this.

  3. Another Politician who thinks he is is a doctor.He says,”this action is necessary to prevent future addictions.” He must have a crystal ball to know who under opioid treatment will become addicted,and must know various medical conditions so well he can tell how long a person should remain under treatment for the wide variety of conditions
    Now,thanks to governor know it all,thousands will go under treated.He has no business dictating any of this and needs to be challenged on his stupidity.Are there not any patients rights advocates and lawyers in Arizona that can challenge his intrusive nonsense?
    The fact still remains the vast majority of legitimate patients are not the ones with the problems,and all this will do is drive many to despair and further an underground illegal market.Everything these lawmakers are doing is counterproductive,and I never hear a public comment forum or doctors opinions survey being the first phase in these hysteria driven decisions.

  4. The citizens of the state and Arizona should charge him with practicing medicine without a license! Perhaps this could be the beginning of the end of this craps!

  5. I believe NONE OF THEIR DATA.. but this is very curious,,as my husband is a state employee for the state of Wisconsin and,,,they are changing insurance 2017 to state insurance,,,ie,,Wisconsin State Insurance Policy,,,,..They are coming to his office November 7th to talk to all state employees,,to be forewarned is to be forearmed,,THANK U STEVE,,,,,mary

  6. Isn’t Arizona a retirement state just like Florida?
    Aren’t the elderly the primary sufferers of Arthritis along with several other pain causing ailments?
    It truly amazes me that the complete and total ignorance of politicians can alienate the sick, the injured and the suffering and they keep getting re-elected.

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