Which DEPLORABLE PERSON is going to be our next President ?





While neither candidate has  seemingly not made a comment or commitment about what their policy is going to be that will effect those in the chronic pain community. There is a single issue that they have made policy statements on that could have a direct/indirect impact on the chronic pain community.


Nearly all the illegal drugs on the street are coming from countries outside of our country – mostly from CHINA and across our southern border.  Those drugs include Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Acetyl Fentanyl, Cocaine… and other drugs.. including newly created synthetic drugs… with unknown lethal dose levels and effects and/or side effects.

There was a recent article in the Boston Globe…  Only 8.3 percent of those who died had a prescription for an opioid drug

but this fact is seldom acknowledged by the anti-opiate groups, DEA and the media. IMO, so that as long as our borders remain WIDE OPEN… the illegal drugs will keep flowing and the chronic pain community will continue to be the focus of the anti-opiate groups and the DEA… and legal pharmaceuticals will get the blame for all the opiate abuse.

CLOSED BORDERS does not necessarily mean that there is no one crossing our borders… only that there is some sort of “controlled crossing” of people, merchandise and other things coming into our country…

OPEN BORDERS… means just that… anyone, anything comes and goes across our borders without any restrictions or oversight.

If you are a chronic pain pt and you don’t have a concern about OPEN BORDERS… then whatever pain management you get or don’t get over the next four years…  then voting for the OPEN BORDERS CANDIDATE… you will be more part of the problem for the chronic pain community.. than part of the solution.

Image result for Funny Misery Loves Company The DEA and the anti-opiate groups will be more than willing to spread more misery among those in the chronic pain community



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