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This is the last post that I am going to post on sites other than my own. www.pharmaciststeve.com 



Those who read what I post on my web venues are free to copy, share on other sites.

I welcome comments and willing to post opinion pieces by those in the chronic pain community and/or advocates for chronic pain… anonymously if you wish.

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I made a post almost a month ago stating that I was going to  be  Changing directions  

My initial time frame was going to be after the Presidential election in November to see if the chronic pain community and other that should be aligned with the chronic pain community would be able to create some political unity.  While there has been some attempts.. just like all the White House and other petitions that have been created over the last year +…I have seen little evidence of a sizeable cohesion.

The bureaucrats and the bureaucracy – IMO – are acting like the “school yard bully”  and the rule that prevails in “the wild”… the most aggressive “take out” the weakest in “the herd”. To them, every causality/kill is a VICTORY.

All of those who should be allies or defenders of this pt abuse… are seemingly quite content to turn a blind eye or stand on the sidelines watching it all happen.

Our legal system has declared both that “opiate abusers” are criminals and those who are disabled, unemployable, elderly, etc… their “lives” have “little value” when it comes to damages for their lives or quality of lives being harmed that there is no financial upside for an attorney to take a case on a contingency basis.  Justice is not only blind.. but.. it discriminates against a large segment of our population.

I expect that my posts will start containing more editorializing and quite critical of many of the parts of our system and our “civilized society”… that are involved in numerous human rights violations.

By pulling back posting on other sites… these more critical posts will not offend administrators of other sites or some of their readers and I don’t have to defend what I post.

Remember… if you DO NOTHING… you GET NOTHING… and PASSIVE PTS… normally get POOR OUTCOMES.



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  1. I have been trying for a few months to find information about any class action lawsuit. I get the same answer. That no one is willing to take this case. I joined a chronic pain support group on facebook this week and if this group is indicative of the rest of the chronic pain patients, then the word is not being spread well enough. Today it was brought up that we need to band to gether and fight this nonsense that we are being put through. Thanks. If any one can give me any advice or info please let me know.

  2. You’re doing a fantastic job. And really you’re one of the few advocates we have. Thank you for helping in any way you see fit.

  3. Its time to get serious about what’s happening to the American public and there medical needs, the Federal Government through multiple agencies primarily the DEA and others have bought in to the idea that in the effort to stop illegal drug trafficking of opioids and the overdoses it causes, the easiest and cheapest way would be to coerce physicians into simply not prescribing them to anyone for any reason other than the terminally ill. There are a few other exceptions but for this response the vast majority of the public in need will get nothing, mangled defective bodies of suffering American citizens who’s only physical or monetary option is opioid relief from pain. If you look up the definition of terrorism you will see that it is exactly what the DEA has instituted against the American population through there extensive illegal actions suggestions and manipulation of other government agencies, private sector business(Pharmacies), and private practices (Physicians) We can wait and try to fix the problem through elections or we can pool our resources and take legal action now. Steve is right on the issue and I support his efforts to the end.

  4. What can we do? I am equally frustrated by pain patients who complain and sign petition after petition. Christie was the nail in the coffin. States are suing big pharma for manufacturing pain meds. We DO have a case because the DEA LIED. Is anyone doing anything? I want to do something. My life has been stolen. I want my life back. I physically am unable to march, protest, chain myself to a fence in a state Capital or at the White House. Its now or never. People are giving up and discussing the best way to off yourself when you cant live like this any longer. This is legal genocide!

  5. You have a voice and a platform and followers, SOMETHING OUR COMMUNITY DESPERATELY NEEDS, you can’t give that up because some people don’t agree or argue or complain! If I would have listened to what people had to say about PNA, I’d never have gotten it off the ground. Steve what you do is awesome!! Please don’t so give that up or pull back when we need you most!!

  6. I sure hate to see this Steve but your right I have been Saying all along get out here and let’s do something but everyone wants to complain about them taking away our opiates but No ONE WANTS TO STAND UP TO THE DEA CDC OR FDA OR THE WHITE HOUSE. So i want to say thank you Steve for all the information you have posted I will keep reading everything you post to your site God Bless and thanks so much.

  7. Well, sir, I’d be a lying liar lying through my lying teeth if I said something like you’ve NEVER said anything I didn’t agree with and on occasion, even something I might take some offense at. But in my reality, I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it. Maybe that’s the problem- political correctness and the need to provide “trigger warnings” is eroding the essential foundation of our democracy- the right to speak, listen, and engage in healthy discussion, and debate, no matter how heated or “enthusiastic”. Though your cant may not have induced the response in those you were aiming at, you can never know where and in whom you may have planted the seed. You cannot duck (just as Charles Barkley, the professional basketball player, once attempted) the fact that you ARE a role model. Its just that you have no control over what and where that role will manifest itself in the body politic. I deeply respect your decision and grasp the reasons, but I just wanted to say, if this phase of your story is closing-
    “Well played, sir. VERY well played.”

  8. Thank you Steve, You are our hero!

  9. First of all you never offended me dear friend. Im sure you know that. You were a huge help in reminding me on certain things. Like the time I was offered a rally date at the FL state capital that just happened to be on a holiday, Good Friday. Wow that would have been a waste.
    I appreciated it. Anyway,
    I know how you feel Steve and thank YOU for ALL you’ve done to try and help everyone! You’ve worked very hard. In fact, at times I couldn’t believe how hard.
    I’m with ya dear friend. I’m sure your blog posts will gets tons of comments.
    Your right on all points of what you said on this blog posting. Sad really. But VOTING the BUMS OUT is the only way to change the horrible things going on with health and pain care. I tead and support ALL your posts. I hope you will speak on how you really feel about whats going on with pain care and with this election. I’ve lost plenty of folks by trying to get my points across on my own FB wall.
    This election to me, is the most important one in our entire lives. We’ll be following you buddy.
    Thank you again.

    • Thank you for all that you have done connecting those in the pharmacy community that needed help and exposing the truth for those that have suffered. Because of you Steve, many have found their voice through friendships created because of you. We will continue to follow you in the New Direction. Again thank you!!!

  10. Steve. I will continue to follow you. I want to thank you for the times that you helped me personally, you have a big heart and will be missed in the groups!!

  11. Ditto here, especially to what Doug said. I will continue to follow you, and I hope you follow my doctorsofcourage website and pass on any information to me that you think I can use. I believe our goals and ambitions are the same, just not getting any response from the chronic pain community is disheartening. But just as when I was in practice, all I can offer people is a choice. Then they are responsible for what they do. And then I have to let it go. You do a lot of work, and I understand your need to concentrate your efforts. I’m sure our paths will continue to cross.

  12. Thank you, Steve, for all the advocacy and hard work you have done thus far. You’ve taught so many, so much. I look forward to following your blog as you change direction.

  13. I will continue to follow you, Steve

  14. Steve, while your presence on social media groups will be truly missed, I for one understand. It’s been unbelievable to me on how painers sit back in these groups and complain about how they are being treated by their doctors or pharmacist, then do nothing to defend themselves. This has been our conundrum and I for one don’t know how to give my Peers in Pain the swift kick in the butt that they need to get the political ball rolling in our direction. Then, way too many painers are stuck in their own political affiliation rut.

    I really hate to say it this way but, it seems as if your strong efforts to show the voting power of the chronic pain community has seemingly been a futile attempt to show the chronic pain community the right path to redemption. I know it has seemed rather futile to me trying to rally the troops and get them behind your “VOTE THE BUMS OUT” campaign. Political party preference is over trumping the issue of their own wellbeing.

    I belong to 20 different pain groups on Facebook and they all are saying the same thing, they want change, but when I try to get something organized, few show up or participate. IMO, this political season has been a cluster FU€# and getting our pain issue talked about has been impossible. I’ve tried to get as many painers as I can to text the campaign confession hotline at NBC NEWS to see if we can get the opiate for pain compared to opiate addiction questions asked during the presidential debates. My opinion is that if we get it on the presidential debates, we can make it a question in the lower level elections. So far, I’ve only got 28 people to text in on the initial post. That’s piss poor for a group that has more then 1800 members.

    Steve, I can assure you that I will continue to follow and share your thoughts and IMO, your very important information. I personally would like to thank you for everything you have done for the chronic pain community and only wish that the chronic pain community would do more for themselves.

  15. I completely understand why you have decided to post only to your blog. I will sign up for email notifications of new posts so I don’t miss out on the valuable information you provide to the chronic pain community.

    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us!

  16. Thanks for all you did done have done . I have no quality of life due to this evil plan put in place by our elected officials and alphabet gov. agencies . I’m pretty much just cooking in my own skin . I still have no doctor with my mandatory health care as I am on disability witch I am also waiting to loose because I am not under a doctors care . I can no longer afford to go to doctors only for them to tell me my pain needs managed and they won’t do it but instead make me doctor shop from pain clinic to pain clinic for witch none will manage my pain . My type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure shall go untreated for in my eyes to treat those conditions would also make me a drug addict . What a gory why to die . I know I am not alone yet I find no solace . America is no longer A free country but put into a third world environment to achieve a one world order .

  17. I will always follow you and am very interested in this new adventure for you. You have made a big difference for those in chronic pain. For me, you’ve provided vital and important information I would never have known otherwise, and you’ve given me a lot more than I had in the past, of the many definitions of the word “strength.” Thank you.

  18. Thank you Steve for all you have done and will do. I will continue to follow your posts.

  19. Thank you for all your activism, teaching and

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