CVS Specialty Pharmacy is the absolute worst Pharmacy I have been involved with since becoming Ill

cvshealthsignCVS Specialty Pharmacy is the absolute worst Pharmacy I have been involved with since becoming Ill—blog/came-up-short-on-the-drug-for-controlling-my-ortho-static-hypotension

Ortho-static Hypotension is a sudden drop of blood pressure from a known or unknown reason causing the pt to become anywhere from dizzy to a temporary black out.. causing the pt to collapse and putting them at risk of numerous possible injuries… depending what their body hits on the way down to the FLOOR.  Less severe cases will happen when a person suddenly changes positions… like getting up from a seated to standing position

I have had a difficult week mainly due to the inept people at CVS Specialty Pharmacy.  Because I can only receive a 30-day shipment at a time, I am reliant on CVS to call and arrange a shipment when I am down to 5-6 days of supply.
This is the third month I have had to get on the phone with the pharmacy reps at CVS and then with Northera to work on having another 30-day supply shipped.
I contacted CVS but did not receive a response, all operators were busy, I left a message.
After I had spoken to the Northera representative, they were going to call CVS and then call me back. You can guess this one, I did not receive a call back from Northera. With three days left I spread the Northera over 7 days. I take six tablets 3 x’s a day. I cut it back to 4 tabs 3 x’s a day. Missing those six pills a day sent my OH into steep dives. One minute I was working in the garage, next minute I am on the floor wiped out, BP was 70/50.
I recovered and started watching television. Around midafternoon I had a second episode. Lucky I was in a sitting position. I should have remained seated.  I knew there was a problem so I decided to go to my room and lay down. I lasted for 5 steps and went down, crashing to the floor.  The second episode in less than two hours was a marked change compared to  previous episodes of OH (Orthostatic Hypotension) that I have experienced. This evolution of OH was new to me. It came on fast and lasted longer than the current episodes.
Last Monday I had to overcome similar OH episodes and again Tuesday thru Thursday. I was also experiencing serious balance issues and fell twice this week. Compare that to zero falls in the previous 4 months. The lower dosage was not helping me. Finally Thursday night Northera made arrangements to ship a 15 day supply over night to my home. I specifically asked the representative to not require a signature. Unfortunately they did not follow my request and required the UPS driver to get a signature.  So at 10:05 AM the UPS driver rang the door bell waited 10 seconds,  stuck a sorry we missed you post-it note on my door and drove away. It takes me 10 seconds just to convince my body to rise and walk. After all my brother is 70 years old. After several calls to the UPS Service line my medicine finally arrived at 8:30 PM Thursday night. Not in time to save me from two more bouts with OH. I did start regular dosing Friday morning.  I have had OH issues Friday, Saturday and again today. Today’s episode was minor compared to the other seven days.
I still do not understand what is going on with CVS Specialty Pharmacy’s handling of my prescription of Northera going forward. I am hoping that they switch it over to Walgreen’s Specialty Pharmacy as I hear they take care of their customers much better.


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