At CVS: where judgmental health is everything ?


I was just at my neighborhood CVS on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Ga, and am completely floored at what I found out. I went in to buy sunscreen for an outing at a lake tomorrow. After searching high and low for sunscreen, I went up front and asked the cashier where it was. To my surprise, I was told that your company was no longer sending sunscreen to this particular store…when I asked why, I was told because this part of the area doesn’t need or use sunscreen… I live in a predominantly African American area…but I am Caucasian. I’m not sure you are aware that black people’s skin burns just like us white folks. In fact the cashier I was talking to (who is black) lost her uncle to skin cancer. I find this quite disturbing…I applaud you for no longer selling cigarettes because of cancer, but it sure seems stupid on your part to not sell sunscreen, which helps to protect against cancer. I’m sure this will just be put at the bottom of your list, but it’s ridiculous in my books. I hope this changes…I shouldn’t have to go the the “white part” of town to buy a product from your company.
Unhappy consumer,

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  1. I recently had a painful compression fracture at my 2nd Lumbar Vert. I never had in my life taken Perocet 10/325’s. or any oxycodone. I am 64. Since the rescheduling of hydrocodone to CII, and taking it for pain, My ANP offered the Percocet instead of the hydrocodone it to see if it would help to allay the severity of the Fx. It helped , and I was able to lower the amount of caplets taken. The only thing was I was told NP’s aren’t allowed to use CVS ! Has any other folks heard of such a protocol?

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